Invitation: Valentine’s Day Aftersparty, In Lukács Baths Budapest, 15 February

  • 6 Feb 2014 5:45 AM
Invitation: Valentine’s Day Aftersparty, In Lukács Baths Budapest, 15 February
Magic Bath continues from 15th February, starting with a special Valentine’s Day aftersparty, Cinetrip has been organizing its bombastic, well known Sparties for 16 years in several thermal baths in Budapest. As the years passed, the brand has changed to Sparty, but the recipe and the quality is the same.

 It’s a very unique Hungarian speciality that you can’t find anywhere else in the world – not only because our thermal baths are world famous, but also because our party brand is the only one who organizes parties in them. The audiovisual effects have been improving all the time together with the newest technologies.

Proceeding from the original silent film concept now we are using the most spectacular LED lights and lasers to complete the buzz of the warm thermal water and the music of the DJs. So you can take part in a special treat composed of healthcare, party, spectacle, social event and art, all in one.

After a short winter break following Cinetrip Future Disco, you can meet the Magic Bath series again from 15th February, with a very romantic Valentine’s Day edition as an opening. From then on you can hide in the hot foams away from the bad weather every Saturday, and then start listening to the early birds even until the end of May. The building is suitable for the cold weather, so even if there is -10 degrees outside, you can relax in bikinis in the warm water. Lukács Bath’s capacity is limited, so you have to hurry to book online in time before coming!

With hundreds of thousands of sparty-fans from all around the world, Cinetrip and Sparty have become a must-see for tourists in Budapest, and an increasing number of visitors come to the Hungarian capital just for taking part in these Sparties. Don’t miss it, be part of this experience, and enjoy the envious, admiring comments of your friends afterwards!

The dress code: swim-suit and flip-flops .

Some important info:


Booked in advance on 6000 HUF (22 €)

On the spot (but it’s not guaranteed there remain any): 7000 HUF (25 €)

Please be aware that we can’t accept credit cards, so take enough cash with you for the tickets and your consumption as well! (There is an ATM about 2 minutes walk from the venue, just in case.)

Venue: Lukács Bath – H-1023 Budapest, Elvis park

Date: every Saturday from 15th February until the end of May 2014, from 9.30 pm to 3.00 am.

Please check out our website for more info and the house rules:

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