Xpat Opinion: Top 5 Tips For Britons Moving To Hungary

  • 6 Feb 2014 8:00 AM
Xpat Opinion: Top 5 Tips For Britons Moving To Hungary
In 1989, following the fall of communism, Hungary became a democratic country. Ever since many Britons have moved there and, upon arrival, discovered a country seeped in rich cultural experiences and an idyllic rural landscape. If you are considering moving to Hungary, here are a few tips to help provide a fluid transition into your new life.

1-Driving regulations

Britons moving to Hungary are allowed to drive for up to a year after their date of arrival, on the condition that they hold an International Licence as well as their own domestic driving licence. After this year it is mandatory to apply for a Hungarian licence.

It is advisable to familiarise yourself with some of Hungary’s driving regulations before travelling. Seat belts are compulsory for all passengers within the vehicle. Hungary operates a zero tolerance policy to drinking and driving, where on the spot fines are executed and, in serious offences, licences may be immediately revoked.

The speed limits are 50km per hour in towns and built-up areas, 90km per hour on main roads and 130km per hour on motorways. However, bear in mind that whilst motorways and main roads are maintained in a good condition, rural areas may often be in a less functioning state, so it is important that your car is equipped to cope with a variety of terrains.

2-Buying and Renting Property

Property prices have been rising steadily in Hungary, making property investment an ever-increasingly lucrative venture. After applying to the local Metropolitan Administrative Office and paying an authorization fee, foreign nationals are permitted to buy property in Hungary. All property is freehold in Hungary and individual buyers are limited to buying one property.

3-Visas and Immigration

If you are a British citizen or subject with right of abode in the UK, you do not require a visa to enter Hungary. If you intend to live in Hungary for more than three months you must register at your local registration office. To register you will require your British passport, work contract or student acceptance letter which explains your reason for living in Hungary, bank statements, proof of address in Hungary and your EHIC card. In addition you must pay HUF1000 by fiscal stamp which is available at any post office. Upon registering you will receive a residency card and an address card. If you move to other part of Hungary it is compulsory to register this new address at the local registry office. Moreover, if you ever leave Hungary you must de-register at said office. Furthermore, at each new address ensure your name is displayed on your post box because otherwise your post may not be delivered.


National social insurance and income tax means that healthcare in Hungary is available to all citizens. Expats who are employed in Hungary may also receive free healthcare. However, if you are employed by a foreign company it is advised you check to see if you are liable to pay a contribution towards healthcare provisions.

5-Household Pets

Pets are permitted to enter Hungary without quarantine requirements provided they adhere to specified requirements concerning anti-rabies, anti-worm and anti-tick tests. Hungary is part of the European Pet Travel Scheme and expats intending to bring their pets must also be members of this scheme. To qualify to become a member their pets must; be vaccinated against rabies; fitted with a microchip; have been blood tested for rabies vaccination effectiveness; and have an official Pet Passport or Pet Travel Scheme Certificate.

Words by Bradley Taylor for XpatLoop.com

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