Fidesz Insists On “Free Pálinka Distillation” In Hungary

  • 15 Apr 2014 9:00 AM
Fidesz Insists On “Free Pálinka Distillation” In Hungary
Hungary’s ruling Fidesz party insists on “free pálinka distillation” and will expect the government to find an appropriate legal solution to defending this “Hungarikum”, a party spokesman said.

Péter Hoppál told a news conference that it was “outrageous” that the European Union’s highest court had ruled against a Hungarian law allowing the first 50 litres of homedistilled Hungarian fruit brandy each year to be free of excise tax. “If necessary, we will create a law to protect pálinka,” he said.

“Hungarian pálinka is a part of our culture and inseparable from our traditions.” Hoppál added that the EU had started to “go after” Hungarian acacia, too, and Fidesz would stand up for national interests in this area.

In May, it will declare false acacia and the honey derived from its pollen to be a “Hungarikum” – a label denoting a product or way of life to be of significance according to Hungarian customs.

Hungary recently succeeded in blocking a proposal by the European Commission to create a list of non-native species which included false acacia.


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