New York Avant-Jazz In Budapest, 26 April

  • 20 Apr 2014 9:00 AM
New York Avant-Jazz In Budapest, 26 April
Ches Smith and These Arches set to play - Ches Smith is a master drummer of the new generation, a self-styled improviser who has studied jazz and modern percussion and is open to alternative rock, noise and metal as well. This wealth of styles characterizes his music for These Arches, the band with which he brings four brilliant New York avant-jazz musicians to Trafó: Tim Berne and Tony Malaby on saxophones, Mary Halvorson on guitar and Andrea Parkins on accordion and electronics.

‘Smith’s writing is breathlessly episodic, with his tunes constantly morphing into fresh melodic schemes, rhythmic feels, and harmonies’ (Chicago Reader).

‘Smith and his sonic buccaneers blow, wheeze, bang and skronk away with merry glee and abandon. But there’s order to Smith’s liberating madness—a deliberate and articulate structure to compositions based in an avant-garde rock aesthetic… the drummer toes the lines between planned and chaotic, tension and looseness, harmony and discord, soul and blues. Underlying humor informs most of the hard-driving work. As does Smith’s familiarity with cartoon music and its spasms of furiousness, movement and zany plot.’ (Downbeat, ****½ review of the album Hammered by Ches Smith & These Arches).

About Ches Smith:

Born in San Diego, CA and raised in Sacramento, Ches Smith came up in a scene of punks and metal musicians who were listening to and experimenting with jazz and free improvisation. He studied philosophy at the University of Oregon before relocating to the San Francisco Bay area in 1995.

After a few years of playing with obscure bands and intensive study with drummer/educator Peter Magadini, he enrolled in the graduate program at Mills College in Oakland at the suggestion of percussionist William Winant.

There he studied percussion, improvisation, and composition with Winant, Fred Frith, Pauline Oliveros and Alvin Curran. One of Winant’s first “assignments” for Ches was to sub in his touring gig at the time, Mr. Bungle (here he met bassist / composer Trevor Dunn who would later hire him for the second incarnation of his Trio-Convulsant).

During his time at Mills, Ches co-founded two bands: Theory of Ruin (with Fudgetunnel / Nailbomb frontman Alex Newport), and Good for Cows (wtih Nels Cline Singers’ Devin Hoff).

He currently performs and records with Marc Ribot's Ceramic Dog, Xiu Xiu, Tim Berne's Los Totopos and Secret Chiefs 3. He has also performed with Jandek, Terry Riley, Iggy Pop, John Zorn, Annie Gosfield, Wadada Leo Smith, John Tchicai, Fred Frith, and Nels Cline.

He also leads a quartet called These Arches (with Mary Halvorson, Tony Malaby, and Andrea Parkins), and a solo percussion project called Congs for Brums. He currently lives in Brooklyn, NY.  More from the source:

Trafó House of Contemporary Arts
1094 Budapest, Liliom u. 41.
Ticket information:
(+36 1) 215 1600

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