Xpat Opinion: The Hungarian Voters Have Spoken

  • 7 Apr 2014 9:00 AM
Xpat Opinion: The Hungarian Voters Have Spoken
Hungary elected a new parliament yesterday. We are still waiting for final results because ballots are still being counted, particularly those who voted absentee and from Hungarians who voted from abroad at consulates or by mail. But let’s have a look at the preliminary data.

Under Hungary’s new electoral system, the parliament has 199 seats, reduced from 386. Out of those 199, 106 are directly elected single-mandate districts, and the remaining 93 are awarded based on the vote for party lists. Voter turnout was 61.2%

With 98.97% of the vote counted, the popular party list vote is as follows:

The center-right governing party alliance, Fidesz-KDNP, won 2,135,961 votes, or 44.36 percent.
The socialist-liberal alliance headed by the Hungarian Socialist Party won 1,246,000 votes, or 25.89%.
The far-right Jobbik won 985,000 votes, 20.46%.
The green-liberal LMP won 252,000 votes, 5.26%.
All other parties finished with less than one percent.

The 93 mandates are divided among these four parties. Votes that went to smaller parties that failed to cross the five percent threshold will be allocated to the four winners from a compensation list.
Out of the 106 districts, according to preliminary results:

Fidesz-KDNP won 96.
The MSZP-led alliance won 10.

There are a few districts that are still too close to call, so it’s still too soon to say whether Fidesz-KDNP will once again have a two-thirds majority.

At the moment, here is the seat tally:

Fidesz-KDNP: 133 mandates
MSZP alliance: 38 mandates
Jobbik: 23 mandates
LMP: 5 mandates

If final results show Fidesz-KDNP losing one of the districts that is still undecided, then the governing parties will not win the two-thirds majority.

By Ferenc Kumin

Source: A Blog About Hungary

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