Orchid Expo: Stars Of Africa, Vajdahunyad Castle Budapest, 9 – 11 May

  • 7 May 2014 9:00 AM
Orchid Expo: Stars Of Africa, Vajdahunyad Castle Budapest,  9 – 11 May
Orchids generally remind us of the humid rain forests of South-East Asia or South America, quite rarely Africa. However even here live numerous orchids and they are pretty beautiful ones. Africa’s specialties are the Angraecums with waxy white flowers, the small, fragile and odorous Aerangis’, the terrestrial Disas and many other beauties from the family of the Orchidaceae.

Hungarian Orchid Society exhibits orchids of Africa amongst a lot of others from different geographical region.

It gives a special topicality to this theme that the 21st World Orchid Conference (WOC21) will take place in Johannesburg, South Africa this fall.

There is an interesting story related to one of the African orchids, namely to a wonderful Angraecum species native in Middle Africa and Madagascar. Locals call this species as Star of Africa referring to its starry and silvery flower. Darwin, the scientist studied with great enthusiasm the orchids, especially their build-up and reproductive techniques. He discovered that this Angraecum species has a 20 cm long “spur” hiding its pollen.

He supposed that there must be an insect having 20 cm long mouthpiece reaching the pollen’s ambush. His peers disbelieved him in this topic and regarded this as exaggerated fake news. In the first years of 20th Century, just couple of years after Darwin’s decease biologist had found that special African insect really having a tongue extendable to 20 cm suitable to reach the bottommost of the “spur”.

African orchids like others living elsewhere in the word are severely endangered. Family of Disa needs even more protection. Disas are belonging to terrestrial orchids, having edible, potato-like bulbs under the ground. This fact means the biggest danger for Disas. In the hunger zone of Africa quintals of Disa bulbs are collected and sold, since they are highly appreciated in the vegetarian restaurants. Local and international conservation societies make enormous efforts to prevent mass collection of bulbs and to save Disa’s family.

Collectors’ carefully protected favourites and plants of foreign horticultures can be seen during the show and there will be a chance to buy peculiar and amazing plants, obviously.

Venue: Museum of Agriculture (Mezőgazdasági Múzeum), Vajdahunyadvár, Városliget
Date: 9-11 May, 2014

Open: 10:00 am -6:00 pm

Ticket price: adult: 1.600 HUF
Discount: 1.200 HUF (for age 6-18 years, above 62 years and groups announced in advance and bigger than 15 people)
Family: 4.400 HUF (Two adults, 2-3 children up to age of 18 years)

You can purchase ticket in advance at Museum of Agriculture (Mezőgazdasági Múzeum)

Visit Hungarian Orchid Society online (in English)  or the Exhibition's site (in Hungarian)

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