'Days Of The Dinosaur' Exhibition, Millenáris, Until 24 August

  • 14 Aug 2014 3:45 AM
'Days Of The Dinosaur' Exhibition, Millenáris, Until 24 August
65 million years ago, dinosaurs ruled the globe now they’re taking the world by storm. Days of the Dinosaur is the most entertaining and educational dinosaur exhibition the road today. It has already captivated thousands worldwide, using animatronic dinosaurs to fascinate children and adults alike. Just like a time machine, Days of the Dinosaur magically transports visitors to a historically-accurate ancient world. The possibilities are endless, the experience is unforgettable.

Days of the Dinosaur lets audiences see a wide range of dinosaur species up close as they move and interact. You’ll hardly believe your eyes! We all love to see the terrifying Tyrannosaurus Rex and other species we know from the movies. Days of the Dinosaur includes all your favorites and much more. Designed by a team of expert paleontologists, the exhibition provides an experience that's just as educational as a museum trip but a lot more exciting!

Days of the Dinosaur begins with a journey back in time, as 250million years. When you step out of our time machine, the world is full of amazing scenes brought to life by animatronics, dramatic lighting, and incredible backdrops. Just when you think nothing could be better than the last breathtaking dinosaur scene, the next one comes along.

Everyone is surprised and delighted by the Days of the Dinosaur animatronic exhibits, but not everyone wants to study a lot of in depth information. That’s why every exhibition is designed to appeal to younger visitors especially.

Fun for children of all ages, the Interactive Zone lets kids play with dinosaurs while still learning important facts about prehistoric life and archaeology. It’s a wonderful edutainment experience!


Source: hardan.hu

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