B.My.Lake Festival, Lake Balaton Hungary, 18 - 21 August

  • 14 Aug 2014 3:50 AM
B.My.Lake Festival, Lake Balaton Hungary, 18 - 21 August
B.my.Lake (Be my lake) is the name given to the offical post-party of the Sziget Festival. As we all know, 2014 Sziget Festival runs from 11th-18th August. As soon as it has wrapped up, then party-goers jump aboard trains at the Southern Rail Station for the 90km ride to the cool atmosphere of the huge, shallow Lake Balaton for the period 18th-21st August, to listen to another few days of electronic music by the lakeshore!

This massive after party has already garnered some acclaim, winning the 2014 title of Best medium Sized European Festival at an award ceremony in January of this year. The festival is a slightly new formula, but based on the popular Balaton Sound electronic Music festival held in the second week of July.

The reason people are getitng all excited about this, is because it is similar to the tried-and -tested Balaton Sound Festival mentioned above, but has the a great line-up of 120 bands and DJ's squeezed into a 3 day event, but here the timing is such that it also forms the wind-down or the iceing on the cake following the freenetic activities of the preceding week-long Sziget Festival.

While some people will come over specially for the bands and music represented here, it is expected that most party-goers relocate from the Szigest Festival on Óbuda island on the Danube, down to the lakeside town of Balatonaliga. This is a 3-day electronic music festival, featuring more than120 bands and DJs, held right on the beach at Balatonaliga, between 18-21 August in 2014. Combo-tickets that cover both events will be available.

Reaching the B.my.lake festival is sure to be an adventure. Although the journey is only 90km - less than a 2 hour ride, the smooth flow of people may be hindered by the sheer numbers involved. depending on the timetable and number of connections invoved.

Most trains will have at least one connection (probably in the large and busy rail statsion of Székesfehérvár) We suggest that people wanting to avoid the crowds should leave the sziget as early as possible, allowing a lot of time to walk off the island/take the ferry, and catch the complex combination of tram, Hév suburban rail and undergound trains across down from the Northwest to the Southwest of the city.

Line-up and tickets

Source: bmylake.hu

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