Council Of Hungary's City Miskolc Starts Evictions

  • 6 Aug 2014 9:00 AM
Council Of Hungary's City Miskolc Starts Evictions
An elderly one-legged woman and a Roma family were evicted yesterday from their council-owned homes in a district of Miskolc that is to serve as a car park for a new stadium planned by the government.

Other residents of the district received letters in recent weeks in which the town council says it will not extend their tenancy because it has other plans for the area.

A car park for the Ft 4 billion Diósgyőr stadium project is planned for the district of numbered streets where over 200 families live today, Népszabadság writes.

Miskolc Roma council leader Gábor Váradi warned that “This sends a very bad message in an atmosphere when even the smallest spark can start a fire”.

János Kiss, Fidesz group leader on the city council, told reporters that “in Miskolc law and order prevail, the rule of law functions in Miskolc”.

Denying that the evictions are related to the stadium project, Kiss said the tenants had to move out because “this district is a hotbed of crime, and Fidesz is not a partner in seeing ghetto culture blossom further in Miskolc”.

He said the council had recently approved a plan for eliminating slums, and that 35,000 local residents supported the project.

Source: Hungary Around the Clock

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