New Technological Solutions For Management Education Conf In Budapest

  • 26 Sep 2014 9:00 AM
New Technological Solutions For Management Education Conf In Budapest
More than 150 deans and directors of business schools and universities from 35 countries of Europe, America, Asia and Africa have come to Budapest to discuss the impact of technology on management education.

How is technology reshaping business and education landscape? How can business schools leverage education, research, marketing, and internal processes with technology? What are the benefits and implications of investing in technology? These and other related questions are being discussed at the 22nd CEEMAN Annual Conference, taking place from 24-27 September 2014 in Budapest, co-organized and hosted by ESSCA Hungary Foundation.

The conference is the most important annual event of CEEMAN - the International Association for Management Development in Dynamic Societies, and is organized every year in a different location. It is the second time that the conference is taking place in Budapest.

It features expert presentations, panel discussions and best-practice sharing, as well as informal networking and information exchange in a friendly and productive atmosphere CEEMAN events are famous for. At the conference Gala Dinner, winners of the 20th CEEMAN Case Writing Competition and the CEEMAN Champion Awards will be announced, and certificates will be presented to newly accredited institutions and new members of the association.

"We are delighted to co-organize this year's conference with the ESSCA School of Management in Budapest and its highly professional team. The topic of the use of technology in management education is highly relevant for business schools and universities today, and we are glad to bring together expert insights and perspectives from educators, business, and technology providers," said Professor Danica Purg, President of CEEMAN and IEDC-Bled School of Management, Slovenia.

Professor Danica Purg: “The ESSCA School of Management is very much interested in the Central and Eastern European region as well as in the participation in the work and life of CEEMAN. The question of how to help the future managers become more successful, more innovative and creative can be approached in many different ways.

The ESSCA School of Management is devoted to the continuous development of new technological solutions by which not only the quality of education can be further improved but the students' way of thinking and working can also be oriented towards the more efficient, more differentiated dimensions,” said Professor Catherine Leblanc, General Director of the ESSCA School of Management and President of the ESSCA Hungary Foundation.

Established in 1993 by business school deans from Central and Eastern Europe, CEEMAN is now a global network with more than 215 institutional and individual members from 54 countries from all over the world.

The topic of the conference is of interest for members both of education and business world. The quality of education today is fundamentally determined by ability to incorporate the latest trends in the programs and everyday work of educational institutions. The latest technology also supports innovations, speed and efficiency in business life and management activities.

"Increasing the economic competitiveness of a country requires substantial efforts to improve the competitive potential of its higher education sector closely related to the National Innovation System of the country. International ranking lists of national economic competitiveness and quality comparisons of institutions of higher education certainly help elaborate successful strategies of efficiently developing these sectors. However, some methodological problems of such lists also make it necessary to treat them with a certain degree of caution," said Professor Ádám Török, Academician, Secretary General of theHungarian Academy of Sciences.

ESSCA (École Supérieure des Sciences Commerciales d’Angers) - which is hosting the annual conference in Budapest – is one of the top business schools of higher education in France, with more than 100 years of tradition. Their Campus in Budapest has attracted students from all over the world for more than 20 years.

”We are proud to host the 22nd CEEMAN Annual conference at the Hungarian site of the ESSCA School of Management. The topic of this year’s conference is particularly close to our school’s approach. The inclusion of the latest technology into our teaching methodology plays a key role at the ESSCA School of Management,” added Professor Zsuzsa Deli-Gray, Director of the ESSCA Hungary Foundation, Professor of international marketing.

Source and details: CEEMAN

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