Contemporary Drama Festival, Until 7 December

  • 28 Nov 2014 10:55 AM
Contemporary Drama Festival, Until 7 December
"As a foreigner living in Hungary, you may not be able to go to the theatre as often as you wish or would, due to language difficulties and the lack of subtitles in theatres. Don’t worry, we have good news for you: the Contemporary Drama Festival Budapest 2014 (28 November – 7 December 2014) is here, with the most innovative and most exciting new Hungarian theatre performances, which are all subtitled in English!

Contemporary Drama Festival Budapest is an international contemporary text-based theatre festival. It showcases contemporary aesthetics, mentality and style, that is, it presents Hungarian and international theatre today.

You can see a selection of the most outstanding Hungarian theatre performances of the last and the new season here.

This year, it seems like what theatre-makers are most interested in today is the current social and political situation in Hungary. In some way or another, it is present in every single one of the performances in our Showcase Programme, regardless of the material / sources these theatre-makers have been working from.

In the Showcase Programme, you can see performances or presentations of performances created by the new Hungarian theatre generation represented by young directors (Balázs Benő Fehér, Tamás Ördög, Ferenc Sinkó, Attila Soós) and middle generation Hungarian directors not immensely well-known abroad (Péter Kárpáti, Pál Göttinger, Gábor Tengely, Dániel Kovács), but we are also presenting the latest performances of the most outstanding representatives of contemporary Hungarian Theatre (Béla Pintér, Árpád Schilling, Sándor Zsótér, Csaba Horváth and playwright-director duo the Mohácsi brothers).

This selection also shows genre and aesthetical diversity.

New contemporary performance writing pieces are presented by theatre-makers like Béla Pintér, the Mohácsi brothers, Péter Kárpáti, Dániel Kovács and Pál Göttinger, who has adapted a novel of Márton Gerlóczy’s for stage with the help of dramaturg Ildikó Lőkös, making it a sovereign theatre piece.

You could see performances of author’s theatre, physical theatre, dance theatre, concert theatre and youth theatre.

Therefore, we could really say that it is the season of diversity in CDF. That's why our motto this year is Enjoy Diversity!

For more information, you can visit our website or our Facebook page.

If you have any other questions, feel free to drop an e-mail by clicking here."

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