Social Enterprise Was Celebrated On Catwalk In Budapest

  • 25 Nov 2014 8:00 AM
Social Enterprise Was Celebrated On Catwalk In Budapest
Romani Design is a Roma fashion studio founded by Erika Varga in 2010, combines traditional Roma motifs with contemporary art. Erika’s intention was to forget about conventional actions and tools and to find an innovative way to fight against discrimination faced by Roma communities.

Romani Design tells a story with fashion, introduces Roma culture through their colorful designer garments and accessories. In the last four years they could open many eyes and hearts, demolish imaginary walls and raise the interest of fashion experts and those who prefer designer items.

Romani Design is one of the member NGOs in the ERSTE Foundation Roma Partnership, an informal alliance of organizations dedicated to improving the life of Roma people in the communities across Central and South-Eastern Europe.

Krisztina László, editor-in-chief of Marie Claire kindly invited Romani Design to Marie Claire Fashion Days, Hungary’s prestigious fashion event to introduce their 2015 collection. During a dedicated tour on 9 November 2014 Romani Design could reveal their diversity to the public: to be a social enterprise and a fashion studio at the same time.

The My Identity-My Freedom collection is for women who boldly embrace their identity, are self-confident and modern, celebrating creativity, the joy of life and love to live free. The main source of inspiration for the collection is the traditional apron called kretinca worn usually by Roma women.

This piece of clothing has a special meaning, spanning through generations: the apron’s embroideries are started by the mother, and when the daughter inherits it, she continues the embroidery in her own style, enriching its motifs with a modern touch. The new collection is reinterpreting kretinca as a central piece of clothing, combining it with vivid floral waistcoats, unique embroidered bags of Helena Varga, and intriguing porcelain jewelry of Gabriella Diós.

From now on Romani Design is not only the ambassador of a great initiative but a characteristic participant of the fashion industry that we definitely have to keep in mind.

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