Updated: 5 Great Apps To Use While In Budapest

  • 3 Nov 2020 8:02 AM
Updated: 5 Great Apps To Use While In Budapest
Here is our curated list of some really great apps that you can use while in Budapest.

1. BKK Futár

Although you can easily explore Budapest by walking, you might want to hop on a bus if you get tired or if the weather gets bad during the day.

In fact, Budapest has one of the best public transport systems in the world and it’s also very easy to use, especially if you download Futár, a free app, created by BKK, the operating company of the Budapest Public transport.

Futár means messenger and one of the main assets of the app is that it provides real-time information on the vehicles’ location.

Here is how it works: by default, the app indicates your current location. If you tap on “direction”, you can start planning your trip.

Just enter the destination address and the time when you want to leave and then tap “Plan!”.

You’ll be offered different options, so next, you have to tap on the option you like. Your itinerary will appear with the detailed route.

The parts where you have to walk are marked with a dotted line. If you zoom in, you can easily tap on the white points that indicate the means of transportation that you have to take.

At this point, you can still check out the other itinerary options that are listed on the top of your screen.

To get the real-time information about the vehicles’ location, you should tap on “Here I am” and zoom on the stop where you’re waiting at.

If you tap on the line number, you will get all the departure information and if you tap on those lines, you’ll see when the bus, tram, etc. gets to your stop.

Price: free
Languages: English, Hungarian

2. Budapest, A Critical Guide

This app was put together by András Török, a real Budapest expert who is the author of the well-known Budapest book, also called Budapest, A Critical Guide.

The app shows you five great walks (that you can also find in the book) with descriptions and insider information.

Budapest, A Critical Guide also contains a map and all the practical info about the stops, such as website, directions, contact information, and even a bookmark option, which comes in handy if you create an itinerary for yourself and want to save the interesting stops for later.

This app is ideal for those who want to explore Budapest by walking but don’t want to carry a guide book.

Price: $0,99
Languages: English, Hungarian

3. Pocket Guide

You’ll love Pocket Guide if you enjoy guided tours but don’t want to explore the city with a group of people.

Pocket Guide is a location-based audio guide that, as they say in their promo video, “fits right in your pocket”.

Available in 150 cities world-wide, the Budapest-based travel startup provides audio guides that you can download and then use offline, so no roaming fee will be charged.

You can download this app for free, however, if you want to use the audio guides offline, you’ll have to make the in-app purchase.

Price: free but have to pay for top in-app purchases
Languages: English, Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Lithuanian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Spanish

4. Budapest Design Map

Budapest Design Week is happening every year in October.

As part of the project, this great app was created to provide information about design stores and venues from 15 categories, including design café, home decoration and furniture, design gifts, fashion design, and bicycle design.

If you tap on these categories, a list of stores and venues comes up with details and practical information.

The application also comes with a map on which you can find all those places. If you’re into design, this app is a must-have for you!

Price: free
Languages: English

5. Fröccs

If you come to Budapest, you must try the typical drink, called fröccs, which is basically a wine spritzer, usually made of white or rosé wine.

However, when you order your fröccs, you’ll also have to know what type of fröccs you want to have as based on the ratio between the wine and the club soda or sparkling water, there are more than ten types of fröccs.

With this app, you can easily play around with the ratios to figure out the many types of this great drink.

If you swipe vertically on your phone, you can choose from the three different sizes of fröccs: 0.3l, 0.5l and 1.

When you swipe horizontally, you can set the ratio between the wine and the club soda. If you use this app, you’ll become a real expert of this popular Budapest drink and we guarantee that the bartender will be very impressed when you order you viceházmester (0.2l wine and 0.3l club soda).

Price: free
Languages: Hungarian only


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