Spain (US), Margaret Island, A38 Ship Budapest, 25 February

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Spain (US), Margaret Island, A38 Ship Budapest, 25 February
Spain are an American rock band formed in Los Angeles, California in 1993, led by singer/bassist Josh Haden. Their syncretic music contains elements of country, blues, folk, jazz, and slowcore. In a career spanning more than two decades, Spain has released five studio albums, a live album, and a best-of collection.

Spain (US)

February 2014 will see the release of Spain’s brand new studio album, Sargent Place. Produced by Gus Seyffert (The Black Keys, Beck, Norah Jones), mixed by Darrell Thorp (Beck, Radiohead, Atoms For Peace, Paul McCartney), and recorded at Gus’ home studio (on a street in Echo Park, CA called Sargent Place) the album marks an artistic departure for the band and is arguably their finest work since 1995’s The Blue Moods Of Spain.

Stand-out tracks include “You And I”, which features a bass-vocal duet between Josh and his father Charlie Haden (only the second time father and son have recorded together), Petra Haden’s lilting strings and lead guitarist Daniel Brummel’s haunting guitar melodies on “The Fighter”, the bluesy sense of musical reckoning of “From The Dust”, and the uptempo, Threepenny Operatic “Sunday Morning”. Sargent Place will see a U.S. release in Spring of 2014.

In November 2013 Glitterhouse released Spain - The Morning Becomes Eclectic Session, a live studio recording from the world famous KCRW radio station in Santa Monica, CA, which features guest vocal and string appearances from The Haden Triplets (Petra, Tanya, and Rachel). The band celebrated with an extensive European tour.

Spain was founded in Los Angeles by Josh Haden (son of bass-playing jazz great Charlie Haden). Their debut, The Blue Moods Of Spain was released in 1995. The band garnered a devoted cult following and they toured the U.S., Europe, and Australia. They performed on French TV, and opened for Cocteau Twins during their final U.S. tour. Spain’s song “Spiritual” was recorded by Johnny Cash on his Grammy-winning, Rick Rubin-produced Unchained, and by Charlie Haden and Pat Metheny on their Grammy-winning Beyond The Missouri Sky.

Spain’s 1999 sophomore CD, She Haunts My Dreams, found the band headlining large venues across Europe. A song from the album, “Every Time I Try” was picked by Academy Awards winning filmmaker Wim Wenders for the score of his movie “The End of Violence”, and the song “Our Love Is Gonna Live Forever” was featured prominently in an episode of the HBO series Six Feet Under. The third CD, I Believe, was released in 2001, after which Haden took an extended break from the band.

In 2007 Josh reformed Spain with members of his live solo band: Randy Kirk on keyboards and guitars, and Matt Mayhall on drums. In 2010 lead guitarist Daniel Brummel joined the group, and 2012 saw the release of Spain’s first full-length album of new material in over ten years, The Soul Of Spain (Glitterhouse). In late 2012, Omnivore Recordings released all three of Spain’s previous records on limited edition vinyl in North America.

Margaret Island

The members of the band are related to Margaret Island with lots of memories. The idea of the first song has come up during a walk on the island.

Margaret Island was formed in the fall of 2013 in Budapest. Their decision was to play acoustic-folk-pop music which is a colorful patch in the hungarian music scene. The lyrics are mainly written in hungarian, but there are english translations as well.

The trio consists of Viki Lábas, Kristóf Törőcsik and Bálint Füstös. The songs are influenced by the western folk-music (Mumford and sons, Passenger) with a mixture of hungarian folk elements, thanks to Viki's musical background. They love busking on the streets and they like to play music spontaneously, so they usually perform in a different line-up.

Their debut concert was held in Budapest on the ship A38 which was voted best bar of the world in an internet poll by Lonely Planet in 2012.

They released their first music video in early 2014.

Interesting fact that the hungarian songwriter-legend János Bródy has written a hungarian version to the song called „Nem voltál jó”.

The radio regulary plays their second song „Maniac Marathon” as well.

Their most recent song „Lány sétál a domboldalon” was debuted on the biggest radio station called MR2.

Advance ticket price till 24 February 2015: 2.500.- Ft

Combined ticket price: HUF 5.500.

Mark Lanegan Band (US) Phantom Radio - album-release gig, The Faye Dunaways, Duke Garwood (UK) - February 23, 2015

Ticket price on the spot 3.000.- Ft

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