See What Happened @ Kitchen Exhibition, Budapest Sportaréna

  • 2 Mar 2015 8:08 AM
See What Happened @ Kitchen Exhibition, Budapest Sportaréna
With more and more people getting into interior design, may it be a small apartment renovation or a full top-to-bottom house refurbishment, the Kitchen Exhibition in the Budapest Sportaréna was the place this past weekend to get inspiration for what you are looking for.

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No matter what you wanted, be it a kitchen appliance, dining furniture, cooking equipment or state-of-the-art work surface, you could find all these and more under one roof.

The event was showcasing this year’s cutting-edge kitchen technology spiced up by cooking shows, where secrets of the best chefs in Hungary were served up.

As real estate development is on the rise, and the taste for the new and unique gathers momentum, the demand for all things wild and wonderful increases and the Kitchen Exhibition certainly catered for this.

Words and photos by Russell Skidmore for
After an extensive career in advertising - as an Art Director & Creative Director in London, Paris and Budapest for leading agencies - Russel transferred the skills and knowledge gained to the development of his own successful company covering wedding, event, PR and portrait photography:

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