Statue Of József Zwack Was Inaugurated At Békéscsaba, Hungary

  • 21 Apr 2015 9:00 AM
Statue Of József Zwack  Was Inaugurated At Békéscsaba, Hungary
The Zwack József Secondary Technical School of Commerce and Catering , Member of the Central Vocational Training School and Youth Hostel of Békéscsaba held a commemorative celebration on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the death of József Zwack, founder of the Zwack Company. On February 20, 2015 the School honoured this leading pioneer of the spirits industry by unveiling a bust of the man to whom the school owes its name.

The Zwack József Secondary Technical School commemorated the 100th anniversary of József Zwack‘s death with a very dignified ceremony. During the February 20 celebration s t hey paid homage to the life achievement and humanity of their patron by unveiling a bronze bus t created by Gabor Miklya. This sculptor is a very respected figure in Békéscsaba , the creator of several well known public monuments , among others the Béres drinking fountain and the bust of Charles Simonyi .

The Management of the School chose a prime location for the bust under the awning at the main entrance of the School.

Sándor Zwack, Chairman of the Board of the Zwack Unicum Plc said in his speech at the celebration: “It is a great pleasure and honour for us that the BEKSZI School chose to commemorate our distinguished ancestor with such an elegant gesture.

József Zwack was an extraordinary man, with an exemplary sense of duty and perseverance. Few people know – however - that he had an extraordinary social sense : he felt a deep commitment to the poor, he sponsored school children living in poverty in difficult circumstances; he paid for their education and had orphan children raised at his own expense .

“ It is in the name of my family and my colle a gues that I thank the students and the teachers of the school that they are keep ing on this tradition in their work . ” S á ndor Zwack, g reat - great gr andson of the factory founder J ó zsef Zwack, addressed his celebration speech also to the stude nts of the school .

He said that the name of J ózsef Zwack can give a valuable example not only for himself , but for all students of the school . W e should not forget however that the name itself is only a five letter word if there is no thing behind it. In this school , behind the Zwack name lie the achievements of the students , the knowledge their teachers impart to them.

"The Zwa c kkeri " as most peo ple call this popular technical school in Békéscsaba (capital of Béké s County ) is one of t h e leading professional schools , named after Jozsef Zwack since 2004 .

The school is proud that – out of the many educational institutions with similar profiles in the country , the Zwack family decided to allow only their school to take the name of J ózsef Zwack elev en years ago.

The spirit of the ' General' (as József Zwack was called ) - the excellent commercial standard, the exe mplary devotion to duty, the fervent desire to achieve high - quality results still permeates the everyday lives of the teachers and students today.


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