Top 5 Equestrian Parks In Hungary

  • 17 Apr 2015 9:00 AM
Top 5 Equestrian Parks In Hungary
Where to experience the famous Hungarian horse-culture? Well, there are a lot of horse-parks and stables all around the country, and here we suggest you the best five of them. At these places you will find traditional restaurant and hospitality, accommodation, amazing ambience, impressive horse-shows and first class horse riding services.

The equestrian parks of Hungary are marked with horseshoes from 1 to 5, qualified - in a nutshell - by their natural ambience, stables (substance, quality and qualification of horses), equestrian services, staff and other programs and possibilities.

Geréby Mansion Hotel and Stables
Quality: 5 horseshoes
Geréby Mansion Hotel and Stables lies in picturesque surroundings, in the heart of the Great Plain, some 30 minutes away from Budapest by car, 3 km from the M5 exit of Lajosmizse. The magic natural environment is attractive especially in the summer, but riding sleigh in the Pusta in wintertime is also unforgettable.

Quality: 5 horseshoes
Tanyacsárda (pron. tan-ya-tshar-da) was a simple, traditional restaurant 35 years age. Now it's a full equestrian park with stables, two open summer terraces, an indoor restaurant, and an outdoor garden restaurant. We are prepared to host more than a thousand guests at any time. Meticulous preparation goes into planning every detail behind the scenes to ensure our guests an experience of a lifetime. Visitors from Hungary and abroad may choose from a wide array of activities that will evoke the romantic spirit of the Great Hungarian Plain.

Hétkúti Wellness Hotel and Horse Park
Quality: 4 horseshoes
Mór is small town between Vértes and Bakony Hills in the Middle Transdanubia. Hétkúti field gives a home to the Hétkúti Hotel and the 29-hectare big Horse Park at the bottom of Vértes Hills. Arriving to a rural small town from the running world, you will feel that time stopped around you, and you are dropped back into the country life 300 years earlier. Mór also has a couple of hundred years old wine yards.

Szelle Equestrian Courtyard
Quality: 5 horseshoes
Situated in the heart of romantic Szigetköz, in calm and familiar ambience. The picturesque land offers space for many active programs, such as biking, boating, fishing, bathing, hiking, and of course cross-country riding. The courtyard also has a pansion with double rooms and several traditional restaurants in the area.

Kabala Stud
Quality: 5 horseshoes
Rádiháza is located in South-West Hungary, in county Zala, 50 km far from Lake Balaton, 26 km far from Zalaegerszeg, between the villages Tófej and Gutorfölde. The pastures surrounded by forests and gently sloping hills are exquisitely adequate for keeping and breeding horses. They services mainly are horse breeding, accommodation, cross-country riding, hunting ride.


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