Number Of Births In Hungary Growing For 20 Consecutive Months

  • 4 May 2015 9:00 AM
Number Of Births In Hungary Growing For 20 Consecutive Months
The number of births in Hungary has been up in each of the past 20 months, an official at the Ministry of Human Resources said on the occasion of Mothers’ Day. Hungary is a family-friendly country and the government wants to do everything in its power to make sure that the growth in births continues, Tünde Fűrész said at Mothers’ Day celebrations in a Budapest hospital on Sunday.

Births were up by an annual 3.2% last year and by an annual 3.6% in January-February this year, she said.

She said policies supporting young mothers to find work while not losing childcare benefits were successful and some 30,000 mothers took advantage of these schemes last year. An additional 40,000 mothers benefited from the job protection scheme which extended support to employers who received mothers back to their workplaces, she added.

Ms. Fűrész emphasised that family-friendly concessions to taxes and contributions have left an additional HUF 240 billion with families. With regard to the government’s initiative of enabling women to retire after forty years in employment, she said that 135 000 women have taken advantage of the possibility so far.


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