Window Covers Can Be Removed In Tobacco Shops In Hungary

  • 4 May 2015 9:00 AM
Window Covers Can Be Removed In Tobacco Shops In Hungary
The covers can be removed from tobacco shop windows and only the products must be hidden from sight, public news channel M1 reported. The issue of dark foil covers on shop windows came into focus over a recent murder of a shop assistant in Kaposvár, central Hungary, after critics said the fact that shops are papered over invited crime. On Thursday, cabinet chief János Lázár said the law on tobacco shops will be amended if necessary, to protect shop assistants and people working night shifts.

Some shop owners have started using blinds to cover tobacco products in the shop instead of covering windows with foil.

The law states that tobacco products cannot be on display in a shop for underage people to see, M1 reported. Wednesday’s cabinet meeting will address the issue, the report said.

The opposition LMP party said the law on tobacconists, just past its second-year anniversary, is flawed on many accounts. Ákos Hadházy, the party’s spokesperson, said the law had paved the way to corruption, a strengthening of the black market for tobacco, the demise of small shops and crime in tobacco shops.

He called on the government to axe the law.

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