Everness Festival In Balatonakarattya, Hungary, 24 - 28 June

  • 25 Jun 2015 1:55 AM
Everness Festival In Balatonakarattya, Hungary, 24 - 28 June
Press Release: New ways to the world where you would like to live - Everness Festival 2015 The Everness Festival takes place in Balatonakarattya, Hungary between 24 and 28 June 2015. The event brings life to consciousness trough performances, movements and music. The family-friendly five-day festival will present a wide range of programs and lectures, domestic and foreign musical performances and activities for children.

 We've reimagined the idea of festival and we created a space where people can meet and get connected with each other. Where they can be themselves and can go home in harmony, relaxed and ready for a new start.

By now Everness as a brand and community is connected to keywords like consciousness, freedom, mindfulness, relaxation, calm, community, love, personal development, peace, togetherness and sustainability.

The Everness Festival will be the largest conscious and healthy lifestyle event. Be a part of it!


During the compilation this year's Everness Festival programs we paid attention to offer You a perfect mixture of presentation/lectures, music and motion. We would like you to be able to participate in as many programs as you like, so this year we concentrate on quality instead of quantity. Apart from our popular national lecturers international spiritual leaders also will be present. Separated Dance and Motion tents will be estabilished, in addition you can count on whole-day yoga-programs. We provide you space for deeper spiritual work, if that is what you look for.

Regarding music, this year we also seeked to present you those bands and productions that are reflecting the trinity of awareness, recharge and presence on the stage and provoke cathartic experience and uplifting moments with their music.

Mirabai Ceiba (INT), Tribali (MAL), Sena Dagadu (HUN), Wildfang (GER), Kailash Kokopelli (DNK), Eostar Kamala (USA), Anna Luca (GER), Matana (INT), Alexander Horsch, Layanda - Fodor Réka-Tóth Szabolcs, VANAVAN - Soma Mamagésa, Polonkai Tamás, Karacs Ildikó, Kőrösi Gábor, ATMA Sound, Barát István Zsolt, Cseke Szabolcs, Mauna Mantra, Életfa Mantrakör, Hangfürdő kórus, Satyananda Jóga Kirtan, DJ Goranga, DJ Kojok (RO), DJ Suefo, DJ Lafuente, Anima Sound System Dj's

The Villages

In 2015 we divided the programs into thematic villages and we designated a leader to each village, who will be in charge of the programs, arrangements and the adequate atmosphere. The villages are "permeable" to both presenters and guests.

In the Bionom Village, with the guidance of Vali Antal, you can discover 200% pure Bionom products, and their composition. During lectures and workshops You will be tought how to use these products and what you should avoid.

Silence is sacred, you can experience this in the Contemplation Village. Meditations, silent workshops and with the guidance of Chong An Sunim at this location we offer you a path to retreatment and to finding inner peace.

In the Intimacy Village you will have the possibility to step on a deeper path of self-knowledge, where it will be inevitable to create the most intimate relationship with Yourself. Andrea Kriston, the dreamer/creator of this village will guide you to the mysteries of Kriston Intimate Gymnastics, her own health-preserving method, through presentations and workshops.

After last year's successful cooperation our main sponsor, MagNet Bank and MagNet Community House will move into the territory of Everness Festival with a Village, composed of more spaces/premises.

Soma Mamagésa, in her own Self-healing Village, following her bookof the same title, will present those healing and health-preserving methods, that she recommends andwere tested by herself.

In the Self- Tanscending Village primerly the Everness' own performers will appear, but also the main musical stage will be found here.

In addition, we placed a Children's Village and Creative Camp.

Tickets and Prices

At the moment you can purchase the 5-day season ticket, weekend ticket or daily ticket on our website, through bank transfer or online payment.

If you arrive by car we provide parking facility at a designated area, on a nearby field. From there festival buses will take you to the venue. Parking inside the area of the festival is prohibited with the exception of performers, service providers, those who operate stalls and the staff of Everness Festival. For those, who hire rooms at the hotel we provide parking place for one car per room (this means 10-15 parking slots)

The selection of foods offered at the Everness Festival follows the spirit of quality and allowance. Primarily vegetarian, raw and vegan line is on the menu, but our goal is to give space to the farm meat dishes of excellent quality and also to home-made products. Accordingly we are preparing with a farmers' market. Each of our providers in gastronomy must comply to the highest quality standards and both in thinking and spirituality they must suit the Everness values.

The Everness Festival takes place at Part Resort which is waiting for You with an area of six acres in Balatonakarattya, about 95 km away from Budapest. This is the northern bay of Balaton. Private beach and park with old trees provide a smooth and quiet relaxation. Open fire places right at the shore of Balaton, sandy beach with resting areas equipped with sun-beds, playground, possibility for rental of bikes and boats are making your time spent here more colourful.

Address: Koppány sor 41. Balatonakarattya, Hungary

How to reach the area:

By car - from Budapest take the M7 and leave the motorway at exit No.90, then take road No.71 to the direction of Balatonvilágos/64/Enying/Balatonfüred.
By train - from Budapest Déli Station, by designated trains
By bus - from Budapest Népliget Bus Station using the inter-city bus service to Balatonakarattya

This year we support getting to the festival by designated trains, in addition we are organising special festival bus-service within Baltonakarattya

Source and further details: everness.hu

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