Photo Article: Liebling, Budapest’s New ‘Favourite’ Ruin Pub

  • 14 Oct 2015 9:00 AM
Photo Article: Liebling, Budapest’s New ‘Favourite’ Ruin Pub
By Zsuzsa Bakonyi: Have you ever been to Fogasház in Akácfa utca? We bet you have and you might know by now that it is not just one ruinbar (in the unlikely case you don't know what we are talking about, check out the bible but a huge urban jungle complex housing Fogasház garden, Fogasház, an electronic club named LÄRM, and the new hip restaurant/cultural bar Mazel Tov. The list goes on, and the newest kid on the bloc is Liebling, a fresh place offering everything you couldn't even dream about next door.

Liebling is very modest from outside, and it is easy to walk past it, but that would be a big mistake. Come into this interior space, carefully designed by Gergő Szuhay, and enjoy the textures of wood, stones and warm light. Liebling is not overwhelming and not eccentric, you have to discover its secrets little by little.

The Y shaped logo recalling a wine glass and a female body part is already mysterious. While you are walking around to discover the decoration, you will find that the wooden floor is creaking like in a spooky old house on the Buda side. If you found the beautiful spiral staircase, you will want to go up and what you find upstairs will surely make you lose your breath.

A cozy little terrace overlooking Akácfa utca and the people pouring in towards Fogasház! How come you did not notice it from below? 'Well, I have to walk with my eyes straight up high from now on' - you will think to yourself.

We agree. But don’t worry about it too much, just sit down, relax, listen to the piano player, look at the stars coming out and order a home made dish. Forget that you are in the ruinbar district, in urban settings, in Budapest, it does not matter, just linger with your mind in a nice memory.

Just let Liebling be your new ‘liebling’*

*liebling means favourite in German

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