Christmas Traditions In Hungary

  • 23 Dec 2015 8:05 AM
Christmas Traditions In Hungary
In Hungary the Christmas tree is decorated on Christmas Eve, 24 December. In addition to the usual decorations, also chocolate pieces in bright wrappings are used. In the Hungarian tradition the Christmas present is brought by baby Jesus in the evening. Religious people follow the (Jesus kid) tradition and they go to the midnight mass, too.

Some families (ateists or people influenced by occidental customs) follow the Santa Claus tradition.

Hungarian Christmas sweets and pastries served at Christmas time are not numerous.

In general, no other pastries are served, and the traditional candy szaloncukor, large amounts of wrapped decorative fondant candies hung on the Christmas tree as a decoration, also consumed during the Christmas holidays.

It is common for Hungarian families to serve both the walnut and the poppy seed rolls, often accompanied with fruit wines, like red currant wine.

Christmas menu:

- carp fried in breadcrumbs with French salad

- beigli: traditional cake, a paste roll filled with a cooked cream made of nuts or poppy-seed, with sugar, honey, jam, cinnamon, clove, raisins.

Also fish soup, fried poultry, stuffed cabbage, honey cake, etc. can figure in Christmas menu.

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