Help Put The Joy Into Christmas For A Hungarian Child In Need This Season

  • 10 Dec 2015 8:13 AM
Help Put The Joy Into Christmas For A Hungarian Child In Need This Season
We have 140 letters from Hungarian kids in need. These kids won’t have a Christmas at all, unless we are able to help. Don’t disappoint them. They come from East-Hungary, a region where people can hardly find jobs, let along afford even the simplest of gifts for their family.

Please choose a letter of wishesand make them come true. You can choose either a full letter of wishes OR just one item, a book, a toy. Anything will get us closer to making these kids’ dreams come true. Or just come to the Caledonia, leave a donation, and we will sort the shopping out for you.

Dear "Santa To Be"

Here is the master list of all letters and wishes we have collected so far. Here you can check easily which letters are still there to be picked up. You can find the individual drawings and wish lists among the photo albums, so please take time to have a look at those too. Once you have selected your letter, please let us know (letter number and name of the kid) so we can keep this file up to date. See English translations on "How to be Santa" below, and please click on this attached master list to see letters to be fulfilled.

Every little wish has two parts: one is the actual letter to Santa, and one drawing which shows you the kid's family and his/her most wanted Xmas gift. Please look at both pictures together.

How to choose a letter?

Also please read the comments under the photos, this is where we are posting if a wish is already "taken", and in the future we will also publish here once the gift arrived.

If you have found a letter you liked and you decided to sponsor it, please remember its registration number and the name of the child, and send us a letter with these two details. So we can register you as Santa.

It's also ok if you leave a comment under a picture (like: I would like to become a Santa to this child). We will get it. Also here on this page, the very first post is an Excel list of all the kids and wishes, here its the easyest to check which ones are still available, and you can also leave a commend here, suggesting which letter you would like to take. (please double check in the photo album as well and leave a comment, just be be sure.

We would be delighted, if you would share your adopted letter on your own Facebook page. Maybe your friends will like the idea too, and more children can get a suprize.

What gifts should I buy?

Important, that when you are assigning to letters from Gaborjan (No 8-91) , you are to take all 3-4 wishes, not just one item. We suggest you to talk to friends and family and organize it together.

Letters from Debrecen area (no 92-140) you can choose only one gift as well to buy, just let us know which one are you looking to get, so others might be interested in sponsoring the rest.

You may see gifts like tablet, telepone, live animal (for example a horse, dog, cow) on the wish lists, but we think Santa is not to bring any of these, that would be unfair. If you are not sure, we are here, just ask a question. We suggest not exceed the maximum of 15-20.000 Huf per child. Give less, but good quality.

When buying clothes and shoes, please keep the receipts, put it in an envelope, with a note, that if its not a good size, the parents can change it to bigger/smaller.

Please don't dissapoint a child by giving second hand items. Yes, we do take them, and we will organize this kind of donations too, but you don't need a letter for this. Just bring it in and we will sort the rest.

Would be superb if you were to take a picture of the wrapped gifts you have bought, and share it on your Facebook page, with a hastag: ‪#‎LevelekTleponak‬. Please add your name to the gifts, so we can send you a thank you card.

Where should I sent it to:

We are accepting the Xmas gifts at the Caledonia Pub (1066 Budapest, Mozsár utca 9), by mail, by currier, by person, any time between 2pm and 8pm. Please make sure your gift gets here by the 12th of December, so we can arrange delivery in time.

How can I help - if I don’t have the time to do the shopping?

Just choose the kid and his/her wish list, come to the Caledonia, and simply sponsor the letter you have choosed by donating money. We will do the shopping on your behalf. Of course on the gift itself and here on facebook, it's your name that will be published. So we offer "Shopping Services as well. Easy.

Can I donate second hand toys, clothes, other things:

We can't tell you how happy we are that you are joining us.  Please read the information under the "Névjegy" section (Namecard, introduction), here we are writting in more detail about what else is needed. Things like firewood, household item, family packs, used but good condition clothes for kids, toys for the nursery and school.

List of Santa letters:

You are also invited to join us, if you have the time, to come with us to deliver the gifts to the villages.

Delivery Date is planned: 21 December, Monday

Source: Irish-Hungarian Business Circle

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