Charity Gala At Hungarian Dance Academy, 25 April

  • 13 Apr 2016 9:04 AM
Charity Gala At Hungarian Dance Academy, 25 April
The program is in the framework of the National Talent Program. Participants are young and gifted members of different Hungarian dance ensembles (Hungarian National Ballet, Ballet Company of Győr, Ballet Company of Miskolc, Bozsik Yvette Ensemble, Hungarian National Dance Ensemble), who were once students of the Hungarian Dance Academy.

They will dance together with some present students, most of them prize-winners of international competitions. The aim is to build bridges between the two generations, and the income will go to some of the most talented graduating students to support the launch of their career.

Date of the Gala: April 25th, 2016.
Venue: Hungarian Dance Academy, Theatre Hall
Address: 1145 Budapest, Columbus u. 87-89.

The planned program includes classical ballet, modern dance, Hungarian folk dance.

Tickets can be purchased on internet:
Price: 1500 HUF

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