Top Cultural Events In Hungary

  • 23 Jun 2016 4:50 AM
Top Cultural Events In Hungary
Classic music, folk traditions, contemporary cinema and much more – we already know that a great selection of programmes will characterize the year of 2016! We have collected the most exciting ones, among them the most popular festivals, from art related programmes to opera and folklore events.

Budapest Summer Festival – Budapest, 1 June – 31 August

Margitsziget and OpenAir Theater of Városmajor will host one of the most vivant summer event: Budapest Summer Festival. We can enjoy Verdi's Traviata at Margitsziget, and The Three Tenors will also give a concert – this time a world premiere!

The Night of Museums – Countrywide 25 June

'Heroes, explorers, conquerors' – in 2016 this will be the motto of The Night of Museums. The aim of the organisers is to show that everyone has some kind of hidden values. Even in the smallest local collections we can find memories of a personality who's life can be exemplary for the wider public. And as everything during history, art is renewing itself again and again.

Many Hungarian artists have created wonderful treasures of fine and applied arts. If we haven't done yet, it's time to visit one of the most popular museums of the countryside outside Budapest, or to explore some yet unknown galleries.

VeszprémFest - 13-17 July, Veszprém

Main square and stage of the Castle of this lovely town north from Lake Balaton, Veszprém hosts this cultural and music festival for the 13th time this year. Classic music, jazz, opera - almost all genres will be repsresented! Also Rosé Riesling and Jazz Days will be part of the event,

Művészetek Völgye (26th Kapolcs Valley of Arts Festival) – Taliándörögd / Vigántpetend / Kapolcs, 22-31 July

Magic ambience created by the small villages of the Balaton Uplands area characterize this summer series of events, where courtyards, hidden valleys, old village houses host events from concerts to theater performances and artisan markets.

Open-Air Festival in Szeged – Szeged, 1 July-27 August

Mamma Mia! and the Flying Dutchman of Wagner both fit great into the selection of programmes of the Open-Air Festival in Szeged! The Last Dance of Dracula, performance of Hungarian National Dance Ensemble will be a real cultural delicacy, and favourite of 2015, The Comedy of Errors will also be included again in the repertoire.

Ördögkatlan Festival (Devil's Cauldron Pan-Art Festival) – Nagyharsány /Kisharsány / Palkonya / Beremend, 2-6 August

In the middle of Villányi Mountains, this multi-cultural event is hosted by four small villages in the county of Baranya, Villany Wine region (Hungary – Kisharsány, Nagyharsány, Palkonya, Beremend, Vylyan winery).

Pro tip: It's worth returning to Szeged in the autumn too, during the XII. Szeged Autumn Festival of Jewish Culture.

Zemplen Festival – Tokaj-Hegyalja & Zemplén, 13-23 August

The Zemplen Festival, the biggest cultural event in the Tokaj Wine Region and Zemplen is organised for 25 years already;it brings renovened artists and performers of all artistic genres to this beautiful area. Concerts of classic music, jazz, dance and theater performances and many more Beside the cultural performances all over the region Tokaj's premium wineries are offering their supreme wines and an unrivalled gastronomic experience to complement the joy of music.

The Land of Seven Meadows – comstival of 'szer'-s and homeyards – Őriszentpéter, 15-23 August

For 10 days in August various sites in the beautiful area of Őrség become a small country to host the Land of Seven Meadows. This cross-cultural festival offers concerts of folk, world and classical music, theatrical and puppetry performances, exhibitions with lots of joint games, and shows and spectacles. The network of Open Homeyards is a unique construction during the festival encompassing dozens of villages in a 50 km circle in the border area of Hungary, Slovenia and Austria. Open Homeyards are houses of local craftsmen and farmers opening their doors to visitors in order to enjoy the local foods and flavors.

Festival of Folk Arts – Budapest, 18-21 August

We can abound in vitreous enamel jewellery, blue-dying, lavandel stuffed pillows and many other types of beautiful handcrafted products during the 30th Festival of Folk arts in Budapest. After exploring the methods of the blacksmiths or the brushmakers, we can enjoy folk music concerts and performances of comedians.

Café Budapest – Budapest, October 2016

Contemporary art festival Café Budapest will offer programmes of new-wave circus to contemporary design, from opera to electric music, from fashion to children's show. Cinemas, cafés, open-air venues join the series of events, thus creating one of the biggest contemporary art festivals.


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