Tütü Adds Colour & Style To Local Nightlife

  • 18 Oct 2016 9:00 AM
Tütü Adds Colour & Style To Local Nightlife
Budapest’s thriving nightlife scene is now home to a fine variety of cafes, restaurants, pubs, and bars. When it comes to clubbing there’s plenty of room for more venues like Tütü to suit cosmopolitan tastes.

Year after year new venues are added to the local club scene: from glamourous and exclusive, to dance focused joints where cutting-edge DJs lay down hip beats, to more laid-back underground caverns filled with artistic types. Sometimes, all too rarely, a special combination of all these come together in something truly innovative.

Located downtown in the in the fashionable fifth district, Tütü is an elegant and free-spirited club which has been impressing and inspiring clubbers for over a year. It’s got the mix right, with chic décor, great bar area, lively dancefloor, and an upbeat; intoxicating atmosphere.

It’s unusual for a club to have it all without being intimidating, but this place manages to pull it off. Cocktails are professionally poured at affordable prices by friendly staff, and extravagant shows add extra sparkle to this multi-faceted venue. As for guests, well-groomed urban types mix with artists without attitude, modern-minded locals meet easy going expat friends, plus a few adventurous tourists blend in, all sharing an open-minded approach to clubbing.

It’s safe to say that Tütü encapsulates a sophisticated night out mixed with lighted-hearted laughs. It welcomes broad-minded guests with various sections to suit their mood and intentions. From a romantic boudoir-style lounge bar, with crystal chandeliers encompassed by huge mirrors, to a large dance area with dark tones and enchanting neon lights - sometimes watched over by ballerina pole-dancers and curtain acrobats, all depending on the night and the theme of the party.

While the dancefloor is indoors, it’s easy to imagine the space above opening up to the sky as the roof is made of glass. This also makes for an exciting people watching experience when viewed from upstairs on the balcony next to the smoking room.

The club’s bar area features Art Deco elements (a style that was also influenced by the Ballets Russes) and is decorated by ballerina murals. There are modern chandeliers and a composition of burnished mirrors and unpolished glass surfaces creating a linear symmetry and an artistic feel. Termed gay-friendly by owner Hubert Hlatky-Schlichter, a popular local restaurateur, the 30% gay clientele are straight-friendly too.

Tütü combines modern elements with items of classic beauty, to create a friendly and warm vibe (rather than a trendy and tacky, and definitely not dark and seedy). Everything fits together, there’s a place for everything, everything has its place - and everyone is welcome...

The club creed is “Come as you are”. At the door everyone is welcomed in without judgement, with encouragement to enjoy, to feel free, to dance, to drink, and to escape their daily routine. And to find themselves, to find kindred spirits, to embrace strangers as new friends, to expect unexpected meetings, with openness. Guests create platonic relationships, find one night stands, even develop business deals, as well as getting down to groovy sounds, and getting up to some old fashioned romance, and falling in love - often with the venue.

Last Friday the place was packed with fun loving clubbers, and it must be noted that this review represents that one night; and that we’ll definitely be going back...

Tütü Bar & Club
1051 Budapest,
Hercegprímás u 18.

By Timea Klincsek for XpatLoop.com

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