Magic Lamp (Csodalámpa) Foundation Report

  • 18 Nov 2016 8:02 AM
Magic Lamp (Csodalámpa) Foundation Report
We would like to say a special thank in the name of Fruzsina too to the leaders and members of XpatLoop, the largest Hungarian expat community, for organizing the Budapest Bonfire Night Party for Charity and for the donations raised at the event. We would also like to thank our private donors and the KAP charity program of MagNet Hungarian Community Bank for their support, that allowed to grant this very special wish.

Read Fruzsina's own lines about her trip:
My most wonderful dream came true in Denmark thanks to the Csodalámpa. For two years, my dream was to get to Copenhagen. And as I am a music fanatic, the famous Copenhagen Opera also attracted me.

Even the flight was a big event for us, because me and my mom have never traveled by plane. We could experience the take off four times as we had to change flights in Berlin.

The beaches of Denmark were extremely beautiful from the plane, and after we landed to this happy country, every minute was fantastic. I really liked the cyclists and the helpful people.

The first night was wonderful at the decorated Tivoli adventure park.

The next day surpassed my hopes as we went to the Opera to see the Swan Lake right after we looked around among the colorful houses at the port. Mainly, it was the music what cought me, sometimes I was watching the conductor more than the actual dance, but of course, the dancers was really talented too and the sight was amazing. I was totally amazed by the building too, and with the other spectators we become one with the story and with the music. After this, I felt like every dream of mine came true.

But I still had a lot of experience waiting for me beside this.

The walk in the Botanic Garden and front of the palace, the beach with Little Mermaid, the Kastellet, the picture gallery about french impessionists (my favourites were Gaugain and Van Gogh), the market and every walk on the crowded streets.

I could taste the really special Danish cookies and for the first time in my life I ate suchi with fresh salmon and real Danish pork roast. Meanwhile, we could delight in the city which was preparing for christmas. As the Danish people, I also didn’t mind the rain and the wind.

I would have stayed for one more week, but this few days was also a lifetime experience for me. I will be always grateful to the Csodalámpa Foundation, because they made this travelling true for me.


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