Guests Were Drugged & Robbed At A Club In Budapest

  • 26 Jan 2017 11:00 AM
Guests Were Drugged & Robbed At A Club In Budapest reports that the District V Police Department of the Budapest Police Headquarters (BRFK) investigates a case, where guests of a downtown club were robbed and drugged.

The prosecution is against the 34-year-old Tamás S., dweller of Budapest, for the criminal act of encouraging male prostitution and plunder; the 37-year-old Sándor O., the 29-year-old Irén S., also living in Budapest, and a 27-year-old dweller of Kurd, for the act of plundering.

Details of the prosecution include that the owner of the club, Tamás S., and his stuff members repeatedly drugged the drinks of guests in the last three months.

Moreover, they took the valuables (cash, bank card, mobile, papers) of the narcotised guests, who were unable to defend themselves. Also, in several cases the criminals saw the stunned guests home, and carried out burglary in their homes.

The investigation mentions that, allegedly, men were employed in the club to give sexual services for money.

Occasionally there were problems of overbilling as well, hence the detectives, accompanied by officers of the National Tax and Customs Administration, appeared in the club at 0:15 on January 21 and arrested Tamás S. and two of his employees.

The fourth member, Sándor O. was caught in his apartment in Józsefváros 30 minutes later. The detectives confiscated numerous mobile phones and several different (Hungarian and foreign) personal documents in the club.

The police interrogated them as suspects, took Tamás S. and Sándor O. into custody and pleaded for their pre-trial detention.


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