Easter Festival In Hollókő, 30 March - 2 April

  • 25 Mar 2018 10:33 PM
Easter Festival In Hollókő, 30 March - 2 April
This popular festival recalls the Palócz Easter traditions and so presents traditional folk groups, folk musicians, folk dancers, folk singers and folk craftsmen. Hollókő has been a World Heritage Site since 1987. The village, built in the 17th -18th century, was the first in the world to receive the World Heritage title as a village due to the unique preservation of the traditional settlement, with its traditional architecture and village life before the 20th century’s agricultural revolution, in its original state.

Hollókő developed in a gentle and harmonious symbiosis with nature and hasn’t turned into an open-air museum village: it is a living, inhabited village until this day with certain buildings used by the local residents according to their traditional use.

Furthermore the World Heritage Site protection also includes the medieval castle appearing above the village and the entire surrounding nature conservation area.

The Hollókő Easter Festival has been attracting Hungarian and international visitors alike to the World Heritage village for over 20 years. 

A three-day series of programmes, the event is complemented with elements, which are closely linked to the mystery of Easter, however at the same time offer a novel experience to the visitors. The spraying of women with well water has always been inevitable part of Easter, which tradition has been kept alive until this day by the event.

The Hollókő Easter Festival at the same time is also a folk art festival, where the representatives of various folk arts are involved, especially egg painters and wood carvers, having great traditions among the Palócz people.

The event is organised in the Old Village of Hollókő and in the Hollókő Castle.

The open-air stage located in the front part of the Old Village is a featured location hosting various theatre performances and concerts.

The open-air stage with a floor space of 100 square metres will be equipped with a cover in order to protect the stage from weather impact. In the Old Village the other featured location is always the church hosting the festive masses and being the centre of the Easter procession. Spraying water on women, the other typical tradition of Easter will also be organised in the Old Village, usually in the square located in front of the church.

Accordingly the areas used as major venues are the typical locations of the village, which also contribute to a high quality event.

The Festival is the largest event of the village, which is visited every year by nearly 10 to 15.000 people on Easter Sunday and Easter Monday.

Daily Tickets

During the Hollókő Easter Festival the village of Hollókő can be visited only with the official tickets of the Festival. The festival ticket includes entry to the Castle of Hollókő, Paloc Playhouse, Old School, Village Museum, Post Museum, The former weaving house (Guzsalyas), Handicraft printer, Paloc Doll Museum.

Adult: 3.500.- HUF

Reduced (children, old-pensionner): 2.500.-HUF

Under 10 years the festival is free!

Notes: With valid card for disabled, hearing or visually impaired people the festival is free. 


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Easter Festival

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