PLACCC Festival, Csepel, 21-22 April

  • 18 Apr 2017 2:00 AM
PLACCC Festival, Csepel, 21-22 April
You can, "Assemble your very own mini-festival in Csepel Factory" promise organisers. PICTURE Project: a Hungarian-Norwegian Special Edition of PLACCC Festival. Six Hungarian and five Norwegian artists will hold dance performances, unveil art installations and organize audio-walks on the 21st and 22nd of April on the premises of Csepel Factory in Budapest. The participants of PICTURE Project are searching for the answer to what new roles art can give to post-industrial areas. The event is a special edition of PLACCC Festival.

PICTURE is a new socio-artistic project that began at the beginning of 2017 as a result of a long-term international artistic collaboration. The Norwegian and Hungarian participants of the project took part in two days of seminars in February about the theory of urban artistic rehabilitation.

There is a long tradition in Norway of using artistic interventions to breathe life into old, rusted out and empty workers’ homes and dormant factory halls – of bringing these spaces back into the everyday lives of local citizens. But it is still hard to find such revitalized industrial areas in Hungary.

After learning about the theory of urban revitalization, the artists of fine art, dance and media started doing practical artistic work, planning intervention projects in Budapest, Hungary and in Moss and Fredikstad, Norway.

The Hungarian and Norwegian artists will present their works on the premises of Csepel Factory on April 21st and 22nd (Friday and Saturday) between 5 PM and 11 PM as a part of a special edition of PLACCC Festival. The program includes dance performances, light and sound installations, artistic interventions and audio-walks as well, all planned at various venues in the post-industrial area.

Some performances will start at fixed times, while other productions can be visited freely during the event, so audience members can decide what they want to take part in and when. In this way they can assemble their very own mini-festival programs in Csepel Factory. For the complete list of performances and projects, along with starting times and tickets prices, please visit

Supported by the EEA, Hungarian participants of PICTURE project include interdisciplinary artist and musician SOMLÓ Dávid, experience designer VIZER Edit, community game designer MAKKAI Dániel, and members of Ziggurat Project (dancers SARLÓS Flóra Eszter, CZAKÓ Máté and SZABÓ Kristóf). Norwegian participants include sound designer and composer Jonas BJERKETVEDT, performance artist Liv Kristin HOLMBERG, scenographer Camilla WEXELS RISER, performance and visual artist Naja Lee JENSEN, and artist-architect Jacob OREDSSON.

The artists of PICTURE project are working on various different artistic interventions and interactions by themselves and together in Csepel Factory. You can read more about their work and the prior workshops on the official project blog written by critic JÁSZAY Tamás at:

The two-day event is a special edition of PLACCC Festival which has been organizing, inspiring and creating unique site-specific art projects and productions with the help of Hungarian and foreign artists since 2008.

For more information and tickets please visit:

Ticket prices:
Normal ticket: 1500 HUF
Local residents from Csepel: 1200 HUF
Student and pensioner ticket: 1000 HUF

More info and interviews: Kriszta Tölgyi - press officer:

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