stART Festival, National Gallery, 20 May

  • 18 May 2017 1:35 AM
stART Festival, National Gallery, 20 May
On Saturday the Hungarian National Gallery, in cooperation with a group of enthusiastic and creative young people, will host a unique musical and artistic event specifically aimed at the youth audience - between the ages of 16 and 26.

More from the organisers:

What makes stART Festival unique is the fact that all its programmes, graphic design and online communication was invented and is managed by a group of youth, more precisely 14 enthusiastic and creative young people, who have been gathering weekly for 6 months to accomplish it.

The museum offered the opportunity to the young organisers to present their thoughts and feelings about works of fine arts in the way they wish to; and to invite artists and performers who address – and attract – their peers. The festival also provides the possibility to debut for young talents in a number of fields, from music through poetry and the theatre of movement to creative design, not to mention leading a guided tour.

With this new initiative, the Hungarian National Gallery wishes not only to attract young people (between the ages of 16 and 26) but also to actively involve them in the life of the museum.

The festival will host, among others, the popular Bermuda band, The Keeymen, an „instrumental surf super group”, as well as “DJ Petrányi”, i.e. Zsolt PETRÁNYI, head of the Contemporary Collection of the museum, who was the initiator/mastermind of the first poetry slam in Hungary and is the Tuesday resident DJ @Nemdebár. Petrányi will provide the musical background for the slam performance of five poets (Péter BASCH, Bence BÁRÁNY, Bence GALLÓ, Zsófi KEMÉNY and Péter MÉSZÁROS), who will recite works written specifically for that evening.

In the exhibition halls of the Gallery, visitors are invited to listen to guided tours, musical improvisations and acoustic concerts. For those who prefer creative activities, we offer exciting workshops (making kinetic sculptures, post IT – path, collective drawing, photo shoot), and for theatre-lovers: the performance of Spirita Company that will explore the “shifts” in modern theatre with the help of reinterpreting iconic literary monologues.

During the festival, the exhibition featuring Georg Baselitz, one of the most famous and sought-after contemporary German artists will be open to the public too.


7.30pm-8pm The Keeymen
Venue: Dome Hall (1st floor)

The Keeymen was formed from the members of the Eastern Block (Keleti Blokk) community in 2013 as an instrumental surf supergroup. Its members are linked to Néhai Bárány, Bozo, The Punch, Padkarosda just to name a few. The music evokes the memories of the musicians’ – most of whom come from the Balaton area – about their childhood paddlings and teenage loves, which are then mixed with their adolescent and adulthood anxiety, and that is how they ride the sonic waves. They use the sound and pulse of the” surf music” genre but the tunes and feelings are unmistakably theirs.

8.15pm-9pm SLAM POETRY (in Hungarian)
Péter Basch, Bence Bárány, Bence Galló, Zsófi Kemény and Péter Mészáros will recite their works written specifically for that event. The musical background to their performances will be provided by Zsolt Petrányi, head of the Contemporary Collection of the museum, curator of the permanent exhibition “SHIFTS” and the initiator/mastermind of the first poetry slam in Hungary.

9.15pm-10pm Bermuda
The three members come from the three apexes of the triangle – no mystery here: they are hot, they are popular, they are the Bermuda band: Tomi Mórocz, Máté Török and Dani Urbán.

Musical Improvisations

6pm-6.30pm Péter Cseh
Student of the Jazz Department of the Béla Bartók Conservatory and the member of a number of pop and jazz bands, will perform his improvisations in front of two paintings, Picnic in May by Pál Szinyei Merse and Ordeal for the Bier by Jenő Gyárfás.
Venue: Art in the 19th Century (1st floor)

6.30pm – 7pm The Best Bad Trip
“We play the «most unreliable» music” – that is the motto of the band of five friends in their 20ies. Their music is a combination of tunes that are hard and soft, simple and complex, harmonious and chaotic, with Eastern and Western characteristics. They play classical music, as well as punk, groove and funky music, and contemporary classical music, and they regularly improvise. This intriguing mixture of styles and genres will be played in the former Throne Room of the Gallery, amongst the late gothic winged altarpieces.

Venue: Late Gothic Winged Altarpieces (1st floor)

7.30pm-8pm Csanád Szesztay
he photographer of the museum, will swap his camera for his guitar for the night. He will be performing his improvisations in the permanent contemporary exhibition entitled “SHIFTS”.
Venue: Shifts – Hungarian Art after 1945 (3rd floor)

9pm-9.30pm Gyöngyvér Cseke – Kristóf Lányi
When the lute and the fiddle meet contemporary art. The contrast and harmony of the tunes inspired by folk music, gipsy music, Balkan music and French chansons will face Great Purifying Storm, the painting of Tamás Lossonczy.
Venue: Shifts – Hungarian Art after 1945 (3rd floor)

Acoustic concerts in the exhibition halls

Venue: Late Renaissance and Baroque Art (1st floor)

6.30pm-7pm Dániel Bittner
Dani Bittner is a guitarist, singer and song writer. He is also a member of the Spirita Theatre Company and a semi-finalist of the 2015 “Ki Mit Tube”. This evening he will perform his own songs in his acoustic concert.

7pm-7.30pm Soundflash Memory
Unique sonority, catchy tunes and Space Rock. Soundflash Memory will represent alternative rock – and the best of it – at the stART Festival, The band will present its brand new album, entitled “Ascension” to the audience.

7.30pm-8pm Emmaléna
Three friends from school decided to form a band: three young people, all with different interests, sharing a love for music. Emma Horváth, Léna Perczel and Ágoston Horváth will be performing cover versions and rewrites of songs throughout the evening at stART.

8pm-8.30pm Tim Atkins
Tim Atkins is the front man of Lhe Luckies, but this night – unlike at the blues-based rock concerts of the band – he will be playing acoustic. The Luckies quickly got popular and they now play at most of the Hungarian festivals. Besides the group, Tim, however, regularly has his solo guitar concerts, at which the plays his covers of his favourite blues, funk, rock and reggae songs. You can meet Tim and his music in the baroque exhibition of the Gallery during the stART Festival.

Photo Corner

8pm-9pm Dig deep and become part of a work of art! Photography with Dawn Crop-Spraying of Imre Bukta!
Venue: Shifts – Hungarian Art after 1945 (3rd floor)


Venue: Dome Hall (1st floor)
Get inspired. Experiment. Have a good time. And take a part of the Gallery home, a part that you are also a part of. Add your own part to it!

Make a mark in the Gallery. If you like creative activities, make sure you visit our “kinetic sculpture” workshop in the Dome Hall. You will be invited to transform and decorate plastic bottles, and fill them with pebbles. By the end of the day, a tunnel will be built of these transformed bottles, and if you walk through it, you will have an unparalleled multi-sense experience

A private path to art

What does ART mean to you? What notions/thoughts/feelings does ART evoke in you? Which work of ART do you like the most in the Gallery? Do you have a nice memory related to the Gallery or to ART as such? Jot down your answers for us and continue the “Post-it Path” that links the floors of the building. Let our thoughts colour the stairs of the Gallery!

Shadow Pictures

Breathe life into shadows! Come and make pictures together, on a great imaginary paper bridge, connecting you with shadows and art!

stART products

Are you a maniacal collector? Do you like custom-made and quality products that you cannot run into in the streets every day? Get one (or more) of our exclusive products with the unique design of stART Festival.

* We reserve the right to change the programme.


Full price: HUF 2,800
Early bird (Bónusz brigád): HUF 1,400
Reduced price* (for all kinds of concessions): HUF 2,000
Reduced price tickets are available for
persons who qualify for free entry to our exhibitions during regular opening hours;
visitors under 26 (citizens of the European Economic Area);
visitors over 62 (citizens of the European Economic Area);
members of the Friends of the Hungarian National Gallery.

This event is part of the Museum+ series, so the five- or ten-occasion Museum+ Pass is valid also for the stART Festival.

Hungarian National Gallery
Buda Palace / 1014 Budapest Szent György tér 2.

Opening hours of ticket offices:
Tuesday to Sunday from 10 pm to 5 pm (ont he day of the event to 9 pm)

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