Contemporary Installation On The Danube

  • 20 Jun 2017 8:38 AM
Contemporary Installation On The Danube
The Municipality of Budapest lounged a huge contemporary art installation floating on the Danube. The title of the sculpture composition done by Zsófia Farkas is „The memory of big fishes”.

The winning artwork of Danube installation tender is a three-piece sculpture composition, which will be floating on the water surface of the Danube.

This artwork marks the importance of unity with nature matches well the capital's image- it is eye-catching and goes beyond the mystical ancient connection of the human being and the fish.

The cultural installation, which will be set up on the water surface at the front of the quay of the University of Technology is expected to be a new dash of colour of the Danube-bank of Buda from the end of June.

The tender’ aim was to raise attention that we must appreciate the role of art works around us and the functional power of the Danube, which defines the unique face of Budapest.


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