Billy Elliot - The Musical Returns To Erkel Theatre On 4 July

  • 4 Jul 2017 10:06 AM
Billy Elliot - The Musical Returns To Erkel Theatre On 4 July
The all-star cast of Lee Hall and Elton John's Billy Elliot – The Musical has returned to the Erkel Theatre. The most prominent Hungarian permieres of the summer of 2016 featured many popular stage actors who will reprise their roles this summer accompanied by a new generations of children.

Fans of musicals and dance will not have to miss their favourite genre in the summer break. In July and August 2017, popular Hungarian stage actors, Judit Ladinek, Nikolett Gallusz, Éva Auksz, András Stohl, Sándor Tóth, Kristóf Németh, Boglárka Simon, Renáta Krassy, Eszter Balla, Eszter Csákányi, Ilona Bencze and Ildikó Hűvösvölgyi are joined by newly-cast children actors at the Erkel Theatre to dazzle audiences.

It's 1984. In England's mining towns, life is in upheaval: it is the time of the strikes. Eleven-year-old Billy Elliot lives in one of these towns. His father and older brother have joined the picket line to fight for a better living. His mother is dead. Following in the family tradition, the boy attends boxing lessons, but this violent sport doesn't suit him much. One day he happens upon the girls at their ballet class and is smitten by the dancing.

Will a young boy's artistic talent be able to bring the family and the community together? Will Billy succeed in making his dreams come true?

This musical adaptation which has delighted audiences around the world is a collaboration between Sir Elton John and the winning team behind the original 2000 feature film. We are presenting it in a non-replica production directed by Tamás Szirtes, and with choreography by Ákos Tihanyi. We believe that music and dance are for everyone, and that includes ballet.

Further dates:
04 Jul 2017 Tuesday, 6:00PM
05 Jul 2017 Wednesday, 6:00PM
06 Jul 2017 Thursday, 6:00PM
07 Jul 2017 Friday, 6:00PM
08 Jul 2017 Saturday, 11:00AM
08 Jul 2017 Saturday, 6:00PM
09 Jul 2017 Sunday, 11:00AM
09 Jul 2017 Sunday, 6:00PM
11 Jul 2017 Tuesday, 6:00PM
12 Jul 2017 Wednesday, 6:00PM
13 Jul 2017 Thursday, 6:00PM
14 Jul 2017 Friday, 6:00PM
15 Jul 2017 Saturday, 11:00AM
15 Jul 2017 Saturday, 6:00PM
16 Jul 2017 Sunday, 11:00AM
16 Jul 2017 Sunday, 6:00PM
23 Aug 2017 Wednesday, 6:00PM
24 Aug 2017 Thursday, 6:00PM
25 Aug 2017 Friday, 6:00PM
26 Aug 2017 Saturday, 11:00AM
26 Aug 2017 Saturday, 6:00PM
27 Aug 2017 Sunday, 6:00PM
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27 Jun 2018 Wednesday, 11:00AM
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