Paks II Company Denies Claims Of Unsafe Fault Line Below Nuclear Plant

  • 12 Jul 2017 8:48 AM
Paks II Company Denies Claims Of Unsafe Fault Line Below Nuclear Plant
The company responsible for operating the Paks nuclear energy facility has countered reports that an active fault line running below the area of the plant should cause safety concerns, Magyar Nemzet reports.

MVM Paks II. Atomerőmű-fejlesztő Zrt., which will participate in the planned expansion of the plant to include two new reactors, wrote in a statement Monday that investigative journalism site had tried to make a “sensational novelty” out of a case that had been negotiated and closed months ago when it published a piece questioning the geological stability of the Paks site.

The Átlátszó piece paints an untrue picture both of the permitting process and the results of site inspections, the company’s statement on its website reads, adding that the Paks II project group has been conducting detailed inspections programs since 2014 – based on which it submitted requests for permits to expand the plant to the National Atomic Energy Office (OAH) in 2016, which the authority granted this March.

“The fact is that an active fault line runs beneath the Paks site, this isn’t new information, it’s written clearly in the publicly available permit application documents,” the MVM Paks II. statement reads.

The company argues that based on numerous inspections and studies, it has been concluded that the fault line would “not be able to cause significant, permanent surface movement.”

Source: The Budapest Beacon

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