Kerekdomb Festival, Tállya, 8 - 10 September

  • 7 Aug 2017 10:00 AM
Kerekdomb Festival, Tállya, 8 - 10 September
Kerekdomb Festival is awaiting visitors again between 8th and 10 th September at Tállya, one of the most fascinating places of the wine-growing region of Tokaj. Programmes are focused on theatre plays, music, wine-picnic and sport, while visitors can meet the new installations of Hello Wood as well.

Famous Hungarian performers will be present at the main stage of the festival; for example, 30Y, Bohemian Betyars, Honeybeast, Zuboly, Irie Maffia, Mary Popkids and the musicians of Random Trip (Vera Tóth, Lőrinc Barabás, Herby Shaw, Jávor Delov and DJ QCee).

Oroszlános Restaurant and Hotel will accommodate famous representatives of the Hungarian literature, like János Lackfi, András Cserna-Szabó and Luca Nyáry.

Castel Maillot will be the venue of children-programmes and the shortfilms of Malter Film Festival. The Roman Catholic Church will take place for the classical music programmes, and the community centre for the theatre plays.

Besides cultural programmes, the festival offers some sport activities as well; half marathon, 7-kilometres running between Tállya and Mád, and a 1-kilometre running for children.

The architecture programme of Hello Wood was held in Tállya in July, therefore two educational projects of Hello Wood will be present at the Kerekdomb Festival as well.

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