Official: "Hungary's Hunting Law Is Europe’s Best"

  • 29 Aug 2017 5:00 AM
Official: "Hungary's Hunting Law Is Europe’s Best"
Deputy Prime Minister Zsolt Semjén, President of the Hungarian National Hunting Association, referred to the statutory regulations in force as the European Union’s best hunting legislation at the opening ceremony of the 25th Hungarian Hunting Day in Mezőberény.

According to the President, the legislation created by the Orbán Government is a compromise of common sense which serves the best interests of hunters, farmers and nature conservationists all at once, and attracted a great deal of international interest as such. Upon evaluating the past few years, Mr Semjén highlighted that the prestige of hunting has been successfully restored with the assistance of the legislature.

The new arms law is adjusted to real life, and managed to avoid earlier practices concerning the transportation and sale of hunting weapons that had nothing to do with real life.

Mr Semjén stressed that hunting society has in the interim rebuilt its relations with co-organisations such as the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Justice, as well as with nature conservationists, including national parks.

Upon speaking about the details of the new hunting legislation, he highlighted that hunting societies are now able to conduct their operations in areas of a minimum size of three thousand hectares and are able to conclude their lease agreements for twenty years. He described relations between land owners and the societies as fair as the owners are free to decide whom they agree with on the utilisation of the given area.

The new chamber legislation also enhances the stability of the operation of the hunting chamber. Pursuant to this law, one hundred per cent of the revenues derived from the sale of hunting tickets is retained, including the full amount paid by foreign hunters.

Hunting societies and the chamber may use their increased revenues for the development of habitats. The Deputy Prime Minister also told his audience that Hungary’s hunting society is preparing for the World Hunting and Nature Expo to be held in Hungary in 2021.

Hungary last hosted a similar event in 1971, and according to plans, as part of the 50th anniversary programme, not only hunting culture forming an integral part of Hungarian history and culture will be showcased to the world, but the representatives of related areas will also be introduced at the event.

The representatives of equestrian sports, dog breeders, falconers, anglers, shooters, archers and nature conservationists will all be at the event, among others. Additionally, visitors will be able to partake of the treasures of gastronomy related to hunting, and will further be able to view works of art related to the topic. Mr Semjén added: preparations are well under way as a ministerial commissioner has already been appointed in the person of József Károlyi, and the detailed programme will be presented to the Government next February as expected.

László Jámbor, President of the National Chamber of Hunters said at the opening ceremony that, in consequence of the new chamber legislation, their grants have reached two billion forints annually which is four times the grants received previously. One half of these funds is allocated to the counties, while the remaining part is used, inter alia, for the organisation of priority programmes.

He mentioned as an example that funds worth HUF 650 million will be made available shortly for a call for proposals which serves to promote hunting. Applicants may submit their proposals to the county chambers up to the end of November 2017 against 50 per cent own resources, and after the assessment of the applications, the disbursement of grants may begin in March next year.

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