Apply To The Artist In Residence @ Terracycle Program In Hungary

  • 5 Sep 2017 9:02 AM
Apply To The Artist In Residence @ Terracycle Program In Hungary
The Budapest Artisan Foundation is excited to announce the opportunity for an artist using up-cycle technics to create their art to take part in the Artist In Residence program @ TerraCycle. Only artist living in Hungary and using up-cycle technics are invited to apply.

TerraCycle is operating in 25 countries and is the world leader in the recycling of traditionally non-recyclable waste, such as pens, toothbrushes, candy wrappers, juice pouches and cigarette butts. We create collection and solution systems for anything that would otherwise be sent to landfill or incineration.

TerraCycle has over 50,000 voluntary collection locations in the US, including schools, offices, homes, community groups and other types of organizations. TerraCycle then turns collected waste into a wide variety of products and materials including plastic pallets, composite decking, and railroad ties.

Major manufacturers contract with TerraCycle to subsidize the cost of collection and recycling their waste; for example, Colgate pays us to collect and recycle toothbrushes, L’Oreal for beauty care products, Kraft for juice pouches and cheese packaging, etc.

We have a full marketing and promotion team who engage collectors and promote the programs to generate recognition for the sponsoring brands. Our company is headquartered in Trenton NJ, 10 miles from Princeton and about an hour from New York and Philadelphia.

TerraCycle was founded in 2001 by Tom Szaky (then a 20-year-old Princeton University freshman) whose vision has become one of the fastest-growing green companies in the world.

The “Trashidence” program is currently accepting applications for an artist who has a passion for using waste that would otherwise be sent to landfill or incineration as their medium. Previous Artists in “Trashidence” have worked with everything from post-consumer wine-corks to shredded drink pouches in our goal to re-imagine waste.

Ideal candidates will have an established art background and an eclectic portfolio showcasing their ability to work with a wide variety of materials and mediums.

Residency details:
-3-month commitment, with full-time access to studio space and shop tools.
-In exchange for a studio space and shop tools, artists are required to create one piece of art for TerraCycle per month, using a unique waste stream selected and provided by the company. The art will be gifted to TerraCycle’s corporate partners.
-Artists are responsible for completing their monthly piece of art for TerraCycle on time, and for sourcing and constructing materials as necessary; TerraCycle will cover approved expenses directly related to the monthly art piece.
-TerraCycle does not offer Artists in Trashidence any stipends or payments.
-Having a car is highly recommended (our warehouse and the nearby supply shops are not within easy walking distance).
-Artists are encouraged to create their own independent body of work using (free) TerraCycle collected waste as material.

Facilities @ TerraCycle:
The artist studio will be located within our office building with the space chosen appropriately for the artist and their specific space needs. Additionally, our trash-packed warehouse is open during business hours for gathering TerraCycle collected waste materials to be transformed into artwork.
Access to our Design Garage includes the use of our shop tools and machines including a table saw, bandsaw, drills, drill press, nail and staple guns, and more. These items are available on an as-needed basis.

All interested applicants are to email a Statement of Interest, a resume, and portfolio (either a website or pdf <10mb) to Jean


Our advisory board, which is composed of former artists-in-residence, arts professionals, environmentalists, and educators, reviews applications in October and selects eight to ten candidates to interview in November. At that time, finalists must make a short presentation about their work
The board awards 2 residencies per year. Residencies run for a period of maximal 90 days.

The board evaluates applications based on the how the residency can provide the artist with professional growth, the quality of the artist’s previous work, the ability of the artist to respond to the challenges that come with scavenging for materials, and the artist’s reputation and references. The board also considers the artist’s use of materials and the types of tools available in the studio.


Only artist living in Hungary and using up-cycle technics are invited to apply.
The application deadline for residencies starting in 2018 will be September 31, 2017. Applications are accepted September 1 until September 31st 2017.

At this time, we accept applications from local, career-level, professional artists. Students currently enrolled at any university, college, or other educational institution will not be considered. We also do not accept applications from artists who reside outside Hungary.

The Artist in Residence Program is specifically designed for those that want to develop their up-cycling creativity. The program provides transport, living space, studio area, access to materials, and is to create at least one project, using materials of one the partners of TerraCycle.

Source: Budapest Artisan Foundation

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