New Hungarian Film Manhood in Budapest Cinemas

  • 23 Nov 2017 7:00 AM
New Hungarian Film Manhood in Budapest Cinemas
Péter Politzer’s first feature film, Férfikor, will be released in Hungarian cinemas on 23rd November. The film premiered in the competition programme of the A Category Warsaw Film Festival.

The 77-minute black-and-white work of the Hungarian director centres on the intertwining lives of three men in Budapest: a 13 year old football player who gets the apartment to himself for unexpected reasons, a philandering 40 year old classical bassist who has to deal with kids, work and unexpected problems of his own making, and a 91 year old photographer / counterfeiter, who weaves the last strands into his rich tapestry of a life.

Director: Péter Politzer

Starring: Fischer Samu, Vass Peter, Antónia Bodó

Lengh: 1h 17min

Movie type: Drama

The film is screened in Hungarian with English subtitles.

Screening times and venues:

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