Wineries Support Autistic People

  • 17 Nov 2017 1:00 AM
Wineries Support Autistic People
Autistic Art Foundation helps to provide contemporary art therapy sessions for people with autism. This is extremely important, because autistic people often think in terms of pictures and 40% of them do not speak at all. Art is a more than ideal way of self-expression for people with autism. The art created on these therapy sessions is either auctioned on Autistic Art’s website, or exhibited in galleries. The foundation puts the best works on certain products like scarves, sweaters and gourmet products.

Most recently, Artistic Art collaborated with six famous Hungarian wineries: Bolyki, Etyeki Kúria, Gilvesy, Luka, Konyári and Vylyan to put the drawings of autistic youth on their wine bottles. By purchasing these beautifully decorated wines, you are helping the Foundation to provide art therapy sessions for autistic people.

These wineries take social responsibilities seriously, and think that these drawings add uniqueness and personality to these wines. According to wine marketing expert, András Nádasi: “the drawings make the whole wine drinking experience more special and more elevated.” Anybody can purchase these wines on Autistic Art’s webshop, and thus help many people who just try to live a full life with this disorder.


Photos: Mark Mervai

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