What Locals Spend Most Money On Over Xmas

  • 21 Dec 2017 2:36 AM
What Locals Spend Most Money On Over Xmas
Compared to last year, Hungarians spend almost 8% more, an average of 42900 HUF, on Christmas shopping, according to fresh research commissioned by CIB Bank, reports Hvg.hu. As far as what Hungarians want, most people still prefer to receive cash.

The number of those spending their savings on Christmas gifts slightly increased, 34% of the respondents claimed to do so. It is a small increase compared to last year’s 31%.

The rate of loan recipients has not changed since last year, about 4% are planning to do so again, most of them plan to borrow an amount between 25 and 50 thousand HUF.

According to the study, from the five factors needed for a truly great Christmas, 79% of respondents mentioned it. 60% mentioned setting up a Christmas tree (just like last year) and 45% mentioned white Christmas.

A day off as something that comes with the feast is especially important for 35% of respondents, while last year it was important for 31% only. For 31%, Christmas dishes are also important elements of the holidays.

The list of most desired gifts is still dominated by cash, with a smaller mentioning rate, of 23%. Many people would appreciate a gift that is some kind of experience (19%) or a handmade surprise (18%).

Cosmetics are still in the first place of the planned presents, like last year.

26% of respondents want to give such a gift. Clothes, books, CDs and DVDs are also still popular, as the study shows.

Republished with permission of Hungary Matters, MTI’s daily newsletter.

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