Minister Of Agriculture: Soros Wants Hungarians To Eat Insects

  • 1 Mar 2018 7:13 AM
  • The Budapest Beacon
Minister Of Agriculture: Soros Wants Hungarians To Eat Insects
Minister of Agriculture Sándor Fazekas, who may be the least eccentric member of Viktor Orbán’s third cabinet, held a farmers forum Tuesday evening as part of Fidesz’s election campaign in Csepel, one of Budapest’s historically working-class districts.

Throughout his lecture, Fazekas presented the gastronomical horrors that mass migration would inevitably bring to the lives of Hungarians, from meat cloned from Albert Einstein’s brain cells to grilled scorpions with chili, reports.

Fazekas started his presentation in front of the half-empty event hall of the Csepel community center by asking how many agricultural farmers were present. Upon seeing two hands in the air, Fazekas enthusiastically remarked: “Good, I see some hands.”

Then, according to, he gave a presentation on the Fidesz governments’ tremendous efforts in the field of agriculture in the past eight years, a presentation that matched nearly word for word the propaganda leaflets handed out to members of the audience.

Thereafter, Fazekas stressed to his predominantly urban audience the importance of buying Hungarian-made ingredients, “countryside values” and producing more and more in alliance with the farmers in order ensure Budapest’s food supply.

The minister then raised his voice against genetically modified food and stressed the necessity of keeping Hungary a GMO-free zone.

However, the most interesting part of his speech was yet to come.

Fazekas started to talk about the future and challenges of food production and consumption on both a local and global scale. He shared with the audience that thanks to modern gene technology, scientists will be able to create meat by cloning cells, for example those of the brain of Albert Einstein.

Fazekas also recalled that he had heard about a team of scientists who seek to produce food with 3D printing technology. In the dystopic world Fazekas described, everybody will eat insects, and gourmands will choose grilled scorpions with chili from the menu.

The seemingly incoherent lecture suddenly started to make sense when Fazekas revealed that the “Soros plan” also endangers the Hungarian kitchen. “Soros wants Hungarians to eat insects.

Nevertheless, Hungarians don’t eat reptiles and insects,” the minister said according to Magyar Nemzet. Fazekas argued that if European values are loosened regarding our cuisine as well, we lose our point of reference.

If our neighbor becomes a migrant which is a possibility as the UN is working on this, Fazekas argued, then our eating habits won’t be safe anymore either.

Those who come from places where they eat insects, he continued, will sooner or later demand that insect consumption become available here. Large corporations, in turn, will satisfy this demand, according to the Minister of Agriculture.

In the end, Fazekas shared his great revelation with the audience, namely that those who have invested in the insect consumption business in Hollywood belong to the same Democratic Party circle as US-Hungarian financier George Soros.

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