Kolorado 'Indie / House' Fest, Nagykovácsi, 13-16 June

  • 13 Jun 2018 6:13 AM
Kolorado 'Indie / House' Fest, Nagykovácsi, 13-16 June
Three years ago guests at this special fest realized just how much Budapest needed a "superfriendly, slow-paced, out-of-town but not-so-much', festival where you can just turn off your smartphone (the signal is almost dead there anyway), and 'get loose with Mother Nature and dance your ass off to indie pop or cutting edge house".


Kelela,  WAVVES,  Ebo Taylor,  TOPS,  Chino Amobi,  Hinds,  Etapp Kyle,  Perc,  UMFANG,  Les Filles de Illighadad,  Willikens & Ivkovic,  Jayda G,  Avalon Emerson,  Axel Boman,  Powder,  Volkova Sisters,  Middlemist Red,  RAMZi,  Inga Mauer,  DJ James Monro,  Fran Palermo,  We Plants Are Happy Plants,  Deep Glaze,  Gustave Tiger,  The Qualitons,  Szabó Benedek és a Galaxisok,  Rock Band For Old Men,  Zombie Girlfriend,  Kamikaze Scotsmen,  Lopunk zenekar,  Ujj Zsuzsi és a Csókolom,  Route 8,  Changing Grey,  Wave Twins,  Buster Keaton UK,  Platon Karataev,  Landing Venus,  Mabon Dawud,  AVANT GANG,  Krúbi,  Korándi Dávid Cappuccino,  Slow Village,  CRIME,  OMOH,  Isu,  Dork,  Accomodator,  Parasztok Atmoszférában,  Peter Problem,  J. Mono,  EXILES

• Limited number of daily tickets for 7500 HUF online and offline
• From 13th of May due our capacity a limited number of passes will be available for 15000 HUF. You can have them online and offline in Toldi Klub and Gólya.
• camping passes are available for 2500 HUF / person 

More info: Kolorado Festival

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