Hungarian Travelers Value Cleanliness, Comfort, Free Wi-Fi

  • 20 Jul 2018 8:13 AM
  • Budapest Business Journal
Hungarian Travelers Value Cleanliness, Comfort, Free Wi-Fi
Research by Bónusz Brigád and GKI Digital reveals that Hungarian tourists find cleanliness, comfortable beds and free Wi-Fi the most important aspects in accommodation when traveling abroad.

The survey investigated the holiday habits of users of Bónusz Brigád, a website providing discounts for a variety of purchases including travel.

The largest portion of participants (39%) said the destination itself carries the most weight in planning their travels, followed by the holiday’s price (34%). Further findings revealed that most Hungarians prefer Europe and Hungary as their holiday destination, with only 9% looking to travel outside the continent. 

While families with kindergarten-age children tend to take shorter domestic trips ranging from one to four days, families with older children (high school and above) prefer traveling outside Hungary for five days or more. Budapest residents were also found to prefer trips in the latter category.

Other responses revealed that nearly half believe that public safety is an important aspect of the destination, with almost two-thirds finding beaches the most favorable destination. Hotels (63%) led apartments (59%) in the category of most popular accommodation.

Differences were also revealed in the planning habits of different groups. While 46% of respondents said they start planning their holidays three to six months before their actual travel, another 43% start organizing only one or two months ahead. Single people are understandably more flexible, and thus tend to begin planning later than their counterparts in a relationship.

Some 90% of respondents said they expect accommodation to be clean, with 67% having experienced problems in the past in this respect. Hungarians also think that large comfortable beds (68%), and free Wi-Fi (64%) are key features of a good room. Interestingly, a mere 4% of respondents found mini-bars a must.

It seems that having to cook for themselves does not appeal to travelers, with 81% preferring buffet-style dining.  

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