'Moroccan Week', Until 16 September

  • 31 Aug 2018 11:33 AM
'Moroccan Week', Until 16 September
The Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco in Budapest presents, for the first time, the this special event at Budapest City Park as part of the cultural exchange program.

Fom the organisers: This cultural event, dedicated to the promotion of the longstanding friendship between Hungary and Morocco, will highlight the diversity of the Moroccan Culture as well as handicraft works.

This handmade artistic exhibition aims to highlight the Moroccan handicrafts and the creative ability of Moroccan handcraft artists, particularly the traditional architecture, pottery master pieces, copper and leather artifacts, jewelries and furniture.

The Vajdahunyad Castle in Varosliget will host, for nine days, more than 30 artisans and artists, presenting life calligraphy signatures, pottery, ceramic, wood, carpet, leather as well as embroidery, argan oil, clothing, and henna.

In addition to folklore bands from various regions of the Kingdom of Morocco, the exhibition will hold handmade pieces of art, reflecting the rich and diverse Moroccan culture as well as food-tasting of Moroccan cuisine. 

Visitors will be able to watch directly how the handi-craftsmen are dedicated to create beautiful handicraft pieces from wood, leather, ceramic or copper.

The Moroccan handicraft week will also include workshops enabling visitors to discover the authentic Moroccan customs like Moroccan weddings customs, which offers from one place to another and being inherited through generations, making Morocco a destination for tourists from all around the world.

Furthermore, during the opening ceremony of the Moroccan Handicraft Week, invited guests will have the opportunity to assist to a Caftan Fashion Show and a reception honoring the Moroccan cuisine.

This main objective of this artistic event is to celebrate the richness of traditional Moroccan dresses and to showcase the Kingdom's thousand-year-old culture, know-how.

Undoubtedly, the parade of Moroccan caftans will be one of the highlights of the opening ceremony of the Moroccan Handicraft Week during which great stylist, Mrs Sara Zerrouali, will unveil her new collection and present to the public her finest creations.

During this 9 days’ event, friends of the Kingdom of Morocco will have the opportunity to learn more about Morocco, will taste Moroccan food, Moroccan tea and participate in Moroccan Exhibition. 

Vajdahunyad Castle, 1146 Budapest.

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