Best 'Hidden Spas' In Hungary

  • 10 Dec 2018 7:07 AM
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Best 'Hidden Spas' In Hungary
Many people are unaware of the baths below, but locals swear by them even in colder weather. Featured are the best in the category of ‘The Favourite Baths of Locals’ in the local public vote of the ‘Best Bath of the Year’.

Castle Park Bath in Füzesgyarmat

Castle Park Bath is the region’s most imposing bath. It has several pools with different temperatures and minerals, and it awaits those who would like to relax or heal. The open pools are unfortunately closed for the winter months, but there is plenty more inside. Just to name a few activities, there is a sauna, an infra sauna, massage, and hand, and feet care can also be requested.

The therapy pool is excellent for several illnesses such as rheumatics, arthritis, sciatica, and neuralgia, just to name a few. It is also helpful for speeding up the healing of broken bones, and it can treat gynaecological problems as well.

Csiszta Bath

The favourite bath of the people in Buzsák, Csiszta Bath, is open even in wintertime for those who would like to heal. Those who suffer from rheumatics, musculoskeletal diseases, skin diseases or need other types of rehabilitation must try one of the two covered therapy pools. With an afternoon ticket, you can request the services of the bath for only 3€.

Mester Thermal Bath 

Mester is located in the Eastern part of Vas county with its beautiful bath. Thirty years of experience prove the positive effects of the water for treating rheumatics. Additionally, thanks to the high carbonic acid content of the bath’s water, it is excellent for treating circulatory system diseases.

The covered thermal and children’s pools are open to the public during the winter, and the speciality of this place is the one-hour-long Thai massage in the salt room. This place is also very cheap; a three-hour ticket costs less than 3€.

Thermal Bath Leányfalu

This bath is located on the bank of the Danube in a greenbelt area. The good news is that this is one of those baths that are open during the winter. The two external pools of the establishment are accessible via heated pavements.

The medicinal water is especially good for people with musculoskeletal diseases, who can expect the mitigation of their pain. Besides the saunas and steam showers, the visitors can choose between Swedish and foot massages. This bath is also among the cheaper thermal baths as their afternoon ticket sells for little less than 3€, and locals can purchase discounted tickets as well.

Borbála Bath

Borbála Bath is located in Algyő, a town halfway between Szeged and Hódmezővásárhely. The bath is loved by many because of its calm atmosphere. In the covered area, visitors can choose between four pools; a training pool for sports and teaching activities, an experience pool, a children’s pool and a thermal water sitting pool.

Additionally, there is an external therapeutic bath. The speciality of Borbála Bath is its wide array of saunas the visitors can use. There is a Finnish sauna cabin, and infra saunas, steam showers, light and aromatherapeutic cabins are also accessible.

Lepence Spa

Last but not least, Lepence Spa is the one finishing off our article. The establishment was built into a forested mountainside. The style of the spa invokes the traditional Roman and Turkish baths.

This spa offers a wide range of wellness services, a 30-40 degrees Celsius tepidarium and its sauna area offers a Finnish sauna, a steam shower with a plunge pool, three aroma cabins and much, much more.

If you got a feel for visiting one of Hungary’s famous baths, consider these two as well. The new bath therapy centre and the new wellness centre at Csillaghegy.

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