Local Opinion: Hard Brexit Seen By Hungarians As The Most Likely Option

  • 17 Jan 2019 9:12 AM
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Local Opinion: Hard Brexit Seen By Hungarians As The Most Likely Option
Rather than analysing the repercussions of a hard Brexit on Hungary, the first comments on the rejection by Westminster of the Brexit deal between the British Government and the EU-27 try to make sense of what has happened and what might happen next.

In Népszava, Tamás Rónay lambasts Brexiteer leaders for having manipulated a slight majority of Britons to take an irresponsible decision three years ago.

It is clear by now, he argues, that the promises they made, including extra billions to be spent on healthcare were groundless. Instead of acknowledging the facts, they now push for a hard Brexit despite the obvious but incommensurable risks involved.

The left-wing commentator also condemns Prime Minister Theresa May for leading her country into a blind alley, and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, himself another Brexiteer, and therefore no counterweight to those who are leading Britain into chaos.

On HVG.hu, Mercédesz Gyükeri outlines several options after the agreement reached by the British government and Brussels was voted down in London, but believes that the most probable one is a hard Brexit.

She is convinced, nonetheless, that last-ditch efforts will be made in the meantime and therefore the March 29 deadline for the exit will probably be extended. At any rate, she remarks, an almost two-year transition period will allow the parties to agree at least on some crucial points before the actual divorce comes into force in December 2020.

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