Video: Police Investigation Of Hableány Boat Wreck Has Concluded

  • 13 Jun 2019 12:03 PM
Video: Police Investigation Of Hableány Boat Wreck Has Concluded
Budapest Police carried out an investigation of the Hableány in twenty-six hours, two days. The sightseeing boat, which capsized on 29 May in an accident on the Danube, was raised on 11 June and then transferred to a Csepel port that afternoon for examination, reports a Police spokesperson.

Budapest Police, the Prosecutor's Office, crime scene investigators of the 'National Bureau of Investigation of the Rapid Response and Special Police Service', and members of the DG for Disaster Management carried out the investigation of the boat, involving technical, judicial and nautical shipping experts.

Twenty-three police officers from 4 different fields – crime scene investigation, traffic policing, Danube water policing and criminal investigation – of the Budapest Police Headquarters took part in the investigation over 26 hours, two days.

During the investigation carried out using cutting edge technology, altogether 34 gigabytes of video footage and 9 gigabytes of pictures were recorded, and all damages and deformations of the ship were registered.

In order to obtain all personal and material evidence to clarify the case, communication and data recording devices on the Hableány were seized.

During the investigation, the Disaster Management staff of 20 persons removed 5 cubic metres of diesel contaminated water, 2 cubic metres of diesel fuel and 7 cubic metres of diesel contaminated sand, sludge and other dangerous substances from the hull.

No other bodies were found during the investigation; the search continues on the whole southern section of the Danube with a doubled level of staff, with all available vessels and with the assistance of land units on the banks.

Budapest Police then transferred Hableány from the port of Csepel to the port of Újpest and continuously guard her there.  

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