Wamp Design Fair @ Erzsébet Square Budapest, 21 July

  • 15 Jul 2019 1:21 PM
Wamp Design Fair @ Erzsébet Square Budapest, 21 July
If you're looking for a unique designer piece for a summer night out or for the festival season, the organisers of the most popular design fair in town promise you'll find something interesting here within the selection offered by the best Hungarian designers around.

More from the organisers:

"The brand Norubag creates unique bags and backpacks from waterproof recycled industrial textiles, sailing canvas, linen and leather in various shades and forms. We recommend their bags to urban nomads, cyclists, and to everyone who needs a perfectly water-resistant unique accessories in the urban environment.

Touch Me Not was founded by Dea Bilau és András Sáhó as a university project which has developed to an aspiring fashion brand since then. The team creates jumpers,T-shirts and shirts from eco-cotton for women, and recently for men too. All their products are made of environmentally friendly, high-quality materials which meets the requirements of all official sustainable qualifications.

The latest jewellery collection of designer Andrea Kesserű evokes the retro atmosphere of the 80s, and her classic collection will also be available at the fair. Her armbands and necklaces made of reused glass lenses and plexi and her multifunctional backpacks are huge hits among WAMP fans.  Many of her accessories are decorated by the colourful and vibrant drawings of Andrea’s son, Dani, which gives a unique look to each piece.

The Designer of the Month in July is L’arbre Design:

The brand L'arbre Design is inspired by nature. Their jewellery is made of tropical wood and resin with a special cutting method that gives a unique look to each piece. Their latest limited-edition collection Save the Earth will also be available at the July WAMP which consists of three pieces.

The collection has a strong message, each ring and sphere necklace incorporates an endangered animal species: the caretta turtle, the bottlenose dolphin and the polar bear, so as to raise attention to our natural treasures in danger and the importance of climate revolution."

Date & time:
Sunday 21 July, 11 am – 7 pm


1051 Budapest, Erzsébet tér

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