OECD Gauge Of Academic Performance Shows Improvement In Hungary

  • 5 Dec 2019 9:01 AM
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OECD Gauge Of Academic Performance Shows Improvement In Hungary
Hungarian students showed improved competence in reading, maths and science in a triennial assessment of academic performance of 15-year-olds by the OECD, state secretary for public education Zoltán Maruzsa said.

Results from the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) 2018 test show Hungary scored 476 points in reading, improving from 470 points in the 2015 assessment.

Hungary’s score in maths rose to 481 points from 477, and the country’s score in science also climbed to 481 points from 477. The results were close to the average of the countries of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, 487 for reading, 489 for maths and 489 in science.

Compared to neighbouring countries, Hungarians scored lower than Austrian and Slovenian students, Maruzsa noted. Serbia, Romania and Ukraine had worse results while Croatia and Slovakia had scored better than Hungary in some fields and trailed it in others, Maruzsa said.

The PISA test also highlighted the decade-long phenomenon of widely varying results in Hungarian education, Maruzsa said.

However, the ratio of low performers was at 25.3% in reading, 24.1% in science and at 25.6% in maths, all improvements from the 2015 results, he said. The rate of low performers in all subjects stood at 15.5%, over the OECD average of 13.4%.

Maruzsa noted the shrinking role of the family background in student performance as a positive development. The rate of absenteeism also fell, and 68% of students said they were happy with their lives, he said.

Government-backed development of public education is at the root of the improving performance, Maruzsa said, citing the state funding of schools and support of teachers and families raising children as examples.

Next year, state funding for education will be 645 billion forints (EUR 1.9bn) more than in 2010, with 335 billion forints more allocated for teachers’ wages than in 2010 and the state will continue to provide schoolbooks for free to all students and free school meals for many, he said.

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