Christmas Events @ Saint Margaret’s Anglican Church In Budapest

  • 20 Dec 2019 10:02 AM
Christmas Events @ Saint Margaret’s Anglican Church In Budapest
Saint Margaret’s Anglican Episcopal Church is community of dedicated Christians, living out the Gospel Life following our Anglican and Episcopal traditions and beliefs.

Anglican refers to the Church of England and all its sister churches throughout the world.   Episcopal is the name Anglicans have adopted in some countries.

The services follow the order of the Church of England’s prayer book called Common Worship.  First praying together; reading Scripture; singing hymns both traditional and more contemporary; listening to the words of the sermon; and receiving the Body and Blood of our Lord in Holy Communion. 

Each Sunday service during the school year begins and ends with a children’s message from priest or celebrant. Throughout the school year,there is a high-quality Sunday School programme each week during the Sunday service. 

The curriculum follows the Scripture texts used in the worship service, and the children are able to use their skills and creativity in various projects and crafts. 

The services usually last just over an hour.  Many folks remain after the service for fellowship, refreshments, and treats.  


Wednesday, 25 December, Christmas Day at 10:30 am
1085 Budapest, Szentkirályi utca 51.

1085 Budapest, Szentkirályi utca 51

See the website for details:

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